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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Vice President Biden - New York Times Op-Ed: What You Might Not Know About the Recovery
The single largest part of the Recovery Act -- more than one-third of it -- is tax cuts: 95 percent of working Americans have seen their taxes go down as a result of the act. The second-largest part -- just under a third -- is direct relief to state governments and individuals. The money is allowing state governments to avoid laying off teachers (14,000 in New York City alone), firefighters and police officers and preventing states' budget gaps from growing wider.
… As for the final third, the act is financing the largest investment in roads since the creation of the Interstate highway system; construction projects at military bases, ports, bridges and tunnels; long overdue Superfund cleanups; the creation of clean energy jobs of the future; improvements in badly outdated rural water systems; upgrades to overtaxed mass transit and rail systems; and much more.

... More than 30,000 projects have been approved, and thousands are already posted on -- providing a high level of transparency and accountability. Taxpayers should know that we have not hesitated to reject proposals that have failed to meet our merit-based standards. [Read More]

The Tennessean - Stimulus creates 12,000 teen jobs
By the end of the summer, the state will have used almost $25 million in stimulus dollars to put more than 12,000 young people to work for the government, private businesses and nonprofit organizations across Tennessee.

About 800 teens worked in state parks over the summer. Fifty more were assigned to state offices that assign driver's licenses, where lagging tax revenues have resulted in hiring freezes, said Cowden, the state's workforce development administrator.

Statewide, about 30percent of the teens were given jobs in the private sector.  [Read More]

San Diego Union-Tribune (California) - Stimulus hits home
At least $1.77 billion in federal stimulus money is headed to projects and programs in San Diego County…

About 60 projects have been assigned start dates, including 15 to start by August, 30 later in the year and a dozen next year.

Only a few planners have given estimates of the jobs created by their project, and those jobs total 9,215. Using a government formula, the money invested in San Diego County might be expected to create 19,200 jobs.

…Hire-A-Youth, a summer employment program funded by the Recovery Act, is putting 3,200 youngsters to work countywide… The construction of state Route 905 is estimated to create 923 jobs. [Read More]

The Daily Star (New York) - Recovery money set for Route 33 repaving
The money was part of a $69.2 million package of transportation funding announced Friday by Gov. David Paterson. The funds are from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

These investments will provide for essential highway and bridge repairs and other long-term transportation improvements that will create an estimated 1,660 jobs across the state, officials said.

Rep. Michael Arcuri said he would ``continue to work with the governor and state elected officials to make sure our region's shovel-ready priority projects receive economic recovery funds.' [Read More]

Dallas Morning News (Texas) - Duncan approves Texas request for stimulus money
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan approved almost $2 billion in federal stimulus money Friday that had been requested by Gov. Rick Perry for Texas school districts.

The money will be used at least in part to fund a state-mandated $800 bonus to Texas teachers and other professional school employees. The money also is slated to help replenish the Permanent School Fund, an investment fund used to help pay for public schools in Texas.

'These funds will not only give Texas public school teachers a much-deserved pay raise, it will save jobs and help school districts budget for the upcoming school year,' [U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Waco,] said in a statement. [Read More]

Indianapolis Star (Indiana) - $1.1 billion and counting
Indiana has spent 25 percent of the $4.5 billion it is expected to receive in federal stimulus funding, but it's too early to measure what impact the cash infusion has had on the state's economy.

One of the programs funded in Indiana created 2,000 summer jobs for the Young Hoosier Conservation Corps.

The recovery act's largest impact in Indiana arguably isn't on creating new jobs, but solidifying the state's budget.  For example, $545 million the state received to stabilize its education budget saved jobs.

Justin Ohlemiller, communications director for U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indianapolis, however, emphasized that several state projects are under way in Marion County, totaling nearly $20 million.

'We've already seen millions of dollars utilized by state and local leaders to put Hoosiers back to work, and that progress is meaningful, especially considering we're only a quarter of the way through this investment,' he said.

[Governor Mitch] Daniels said the stimulus package has been 'worth the effort'… [Read More]

WGAL-TV (Pennsylvania) - 9,000 Teen Jobs Funded By Stimulus
Gov. Ed Rendell announced Thursday that more than 9,000 teens in Pennsylvania are currently working in jobs funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The state received about $35 million in stimulus funds to help at-risk teens find jobs. [Read More]

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada) - Editorial: Give stimulus a chance
From the outset the bill was explained as a relief measure whose greatest effect would not be felt until 2010 and 2011. It was also clear that the money would not start flowing steadily and in quantity to cities, counties and states until rules were written, the greatest needs could be assessed and methods for tracking the spending were in place.

Unfortunately, Republican leaders are taking political advantage of the time needed to get the stimulus money ready for distribution.

Nevada has been designated to receive $1.6 billion in stimulus money. A portion of the money is already at work here, employing teachers and construction workers and shoring up accounts for Medicaid and unemployment benefits. [Read More]

Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama) - Federal money will help city's efforts
The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program will funnel about $860,000 into the Montgomery area during the next three years. The funds, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, will be used for those affected by the economy or who are at imminent risk of homelessness but who are expected to return to work. [Read More]

Tampa Bay Business Journal (Florida) - Recovery Act funds 22 HART busses
$42.8 million in federal stimulus money for transit upgrades and improvements across Florida has been freed, including $15.2 million for new busses in Hillsborough County. [Read More]

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