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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Taunton Daily Gazette (Massachusetts) - Frank: Economy better, recovery slow

[Congressman Barney] Frank admitted that it bothers him when people say the $787 billion federal stimulus legislation hasn't accomplished anything.

“You can say we could have done more or less, but to say it didn't do anything is just nonsense,” he said. “There are policemen and firefighters on the streets of Fall River and New Bedford who wouldn't have been there. We've got the highway project on Route 24 in Freetown.”

Frank said the stimulus has created or retained countless jobs, and said nearly every leading economist agrees that the recession would have been far worse had nothing been done. [2/20/10]

The Review (Ohio) - Federal stimulus funds for jobs programs is doubling in Ohio

Labor officials at the U.S., state and local level met for a roundtable discussion on Friday to solidify plans of doubling the effort to get people back to work in Ohio and across the nation…One way stimulus money appears to be helping is via jobs programs provided locally, even if just by keeping the rates from rising higher.

During the roundtable discussion held at The Employment Source in Canton on Friday, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor Jane Oates talked with those present, including Congressman John Boccieri and Director of Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services Douglas Lumpkin, about doubling the funds going into jobs programs. 'It's shortsighted to think we shouldn't have the money out there for training,' she said.

Locally, through The Workforce Investment Act, federal funds have been supporting summer youth, adult and dislocated worker programs at The Employment Source, which serves residents in and around Stark County. Oates said the U.S. Department of Labor normally puts $4 billion into WIA, but in 2010 it is placing $8 billion into the fund. According to John Weber, deputy director of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, this doubling of the funds going into jobs programs will also double the amount of people who will benefit from them in Ohio. [2/20/10]

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada) - Grant aimed toward cancer treatment jobs in Nevada

Officials say a $3.2 million federal stimulus grant should help 100 Las Vegas-area health care and laboratory support workers begin careers in cancer treatment and research.

The Plus One Program is a partnership between the Nevada Cancer Institute, workforceCONNECTIONS and the College of Southern Nevada.

The aim is to help CSN graduates in nursing, medical laboratory technology, radiation technology and health information technology find good-paying full-time jobs in health care. [2/22/10]

Tuscaloosa News (Alabama) - Stimulus dollars bring jobs to county

As President Barack Obama touted the employment-generating success of his economic stimulus package, local officials were announcing that federal dollars were on the cusp of adding new jobs in Tuscaloosa County.

The designs for two road projects being funded with $1.99 million of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are nearing completion, said Allan Springer, assistant public works director for the county.

“We're going to have at least two needed projects that we would otherwise have not been able to have in our county,” Springer said.

Tuscaloosa County Planning director Farrington Snipes was given approval Wednesday by the County Commission to proceed with two grant applications that, if approved, could save or add up to 250 jobs in the county. [2/21/10]

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