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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Washington Post - Stimulus Dollars Energize Efforts To Smarten Up the Electric Power Grid

…Smart grid is an essential component of President Obama's plan to change the nation's energy habits and reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil. It would energize his hopes for more jobs and fewer pollutants while remaking a network still moored to the 1950s…

To accomplish the vast national upgrade will cost hundreds of billions of dollars and require what one utility regulator called a 'major paradigm shift' in the way people understand and use electricity…

But first, the infrastructure must be installed. When Obama promises 'a better, smarter electricity grid,' he is talking about overhauling a network that resembles your grandmother's patchwork quilt, and is about as frayed… [3/10/09]

Baltimore Sun (MD) - Homeowners turn to energy audits to cope with rising utility bills
Many seek help on weatherization, as Md. gets stimulus cash to boost efficiency and create 'green' jobs

… Maryland officials say the state will receive $173 million over 18 months to boost energy efficiency and develop 'green-collar' jobs. About 300 lobbyists, businesses and others attended a Maryland Energy Administration forum yesterday in Annapolis to discuss the likely impact of stimulus funds.

More low-income owners will be eligible for weatherization grants. A revolving loan fund might be started to help owners tighten their homes or install renewable systems such as solar. The funds will also train workers in the burgeoning weatherization field… [3/10/09]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) - Recovery act funds boost BadgerCare Plus, COBRA options

The federal economic recovery act will deliver nearly $1.2 billion to Wisconsin over the next two years for state health programs, preserving a safety net that's likely to be tested as more people lose their jobs and health insurance.

The money comes at a time when enrollment in BadgerCare Plus - the state program for low-income families with children under 21 - is expected to increase sharply… [3/8/09]

Reuters - U.S. stimulus effort to stress accountability

As economic recovery funds flow to U.S. states roughly two weeks after President Barack Obama signed the economic stimulus bill into law, states, local governments and federal agencies are launching a large effort to track how they are spent.

Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden will hold a conference on Thursday with officials from each state on making sure the funds are spent correctly and that the public can scrutinize how the money flows… [3/9/09]

Star Tribune (HI): Stimulus plan boosts state's food aid 13.6%

The federal economic stimulus package will help 110,000 island food stamp recipients and the markets where they shop starting April 1.

Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, formerly known as food stamps, will see their monthly cash benefits boosted by 13.6 percent. For a family of three, that means nearly an additional $100 a month… [3/10/09]

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