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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

WSLS NBC-10 (Virginia) - Nelson Co. to get $1.8 million for rural hi-speed Internet

More people living in Nelson County will get the opportunity to have hi-speed Internet, thanks to the economic stimulus act.

Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello (D) says $1,826,646 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be used to expand broadband internet in the County.

“These stimulus funds give a major boost to residents of Nelson County. Not only will schools, the Blue Ridge Medical Center, and a library benefit, but up to 1,500 households and 250 businesses will have access to more affordable broadband service. This is a critical investment to make our rural communities more competitive and enhance local education, health care, and job growth,” said Perriello in a news release. [3/25/10]

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) - Stimulus funds will bring high-speed Internet to Navajo Nation

Federal stimulus money will be used to string fiber optic cables through the Navajo Nation, bringing some of the nation's most depressed areas into the Internet age…

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said Thursday that the government would chip in $33 million, matched with $14 million from the tribe's utility company, to bring high-speed broadband to reservation, including parts of southeastern Utah.

Rep. Jim Matheson, a Utah Democrat who supported the Recovery Act, said the stimulus funds invested in this project would bring dividends for years in the form of additional jobs and better education, as well as an initial bump in construction work.

'There could be no place more deserving than the Navajo reservation for this type of program,' Matheson said. [3/25/10]

Nashville City Paper (Tennessee) - More than $255M in stimulus funds pouring into state schools

A report on Tennessee's use of federal stimulus funds to drive education reform says the state has garnered $255 million in additional revenue for schools, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Thursday.

The state, on its application, claimed recovery money had been used to fund more than 3,700 education jobs from Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2009. [3/25/10]

WDEL 1150AM (Delaware) - DE gets over $36M more in stimulus $$

More federal stimulus money's headed to Delaware to pay for additional jobs in education.

Federal Education Secretary Arne Duncan Thursday announced more than 36 million dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is now available to Delaware, which has already gotten almost 226 million to fund more than 700 education jobs and support reform efforts. [2/26/10]

Wilmington News Journal (Ohio) - OUR VIEW: Stimulus funds meaningful local projects

The announcement that Clinton County and the City of Wilmington has been awarded funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) -- also known as the federal stimulus -- is welcome news. The $1 million awarded to the community come from the ARRA's local government energy efficiency and conservation program. The three projects that these federal dollars will fund will help Clinton County and Wilmington continue on a path toward utilizing renewable, alternative sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. Besides that, these projects will save taxpayer dollars.

These are meaningful projects because, in addition to helping the county and city become more “green” or environmentally friendly, will reduce the amount of public funds needed to operate the city water treatment plant, city wastewater treatment plant and the county jail. [3/25/10]

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