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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Today, Vice President Joe Biden released a new report  on the “100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America,” highlighting the most innovative and effective Recovery Act projects across the country that are putting people back to work and helping transform our economy.

“With Recovery Act projects like these, we're starting to turn the page on a decade of failed economic policies and rebuild our economy on a new foundation that creates good middle class jobs for American families,” said Vice President Biden.  “And we're not engineering this transformation alone - Recovery Act projects like these are drawing billions in private capital off the sidelines to help recharge our economy.” [White House, 9/17/10]

KVVU- FOX 5 (Nevada) - Stimulus Funds Energy Projects In Nevada

…the White House on Friday released a list highlighting 100 projects funded and jobs created by the $787 billion stimulus.

The list includes two projects in Nevada: a $137.9 million grant to NV Energy for smart grid technology and a $9 million investment in solar energy facilities.

Much has already been made of the Amonix solar factory under construction in North Las Vegas. The facility is expected to create more than 270 new jobs in southern Nevada.

NV Energy's smart grid upgrade is intended to help the company and its customers more effectively manage their energy use, according to the report, which said the funding would create 400-500 temporary jobs and 45 permanent jobs in Nevada. [9/17/10]

The Saginaw News (Michigan) - Grants, loans will help Frankenmuth's Air Advantage bring Internet access to 13 counties

With the announcement of $64 million in federal grants and loans on its way, a Frankenmuth-based company will create a wireless broadband and fiber-optic Internet network across a sweeping area of the central Lower Peninsula and Thumb.

Air Advantage is hiring more than 140 people to help it go from a service provider for 5,000 in Saginaw and the Thumb to a network available to more than 698,000 rural residents, 21,000 businesses and 4,000 community institutions such as schools and governmental centers.

The project will increase Air Advantage's work force from about 24 employees to more than 160, a boost of more than 600 percent. [9/16/10]

The Fresno Bee (California) - Stimulus funds reopen CSU admissions

A final round of $106 million in federal stimulus money will ease budget cuts and allow Fresno State and its sister campuses to admit some new students for the upcoming winter and spring terms, California State University officials announced today.

Fresno State officials said the campus share is about $5.9 million.

Across the 23-campus system, officials expect to admit up to 10,000 new students because of the infusion of cash.

In addition, up to 3,000 course sections will be restored in upcoming terms and cuts to some services -- such as student advising, learning centers and library hours -- will be eased. [9/16/10]

WCTV CBS-6 (Florida) - 225,000 Floridians Saved From Poverty by Jobless Funds

…billions of dollars in stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have helped struggling Floridians. About 225,000 have been kept from falling below the poverty level by expanded federal unemployment compensation benefits. They are among the almost 1.2 million jobless Floridians who have received $3.7 billion in federal unemployment benefits from the Recovery Act.

Florida's Agency for Workforce Innovation reports that through July it has paid $3.7 billion in unemployment benefits to 1,186,652 individuals from Recovery Act funding.

The Recovery Act aided Florida in other ways. Social Security and food stamp benefits were increased and billions of dollars has been plugged into the state budget over the last two years for public schools, universities, and health care services through Medicaid. Economists believe the unemployment rate would have been higher if not for this assistance. [9/16/10]

Suburban News (New Jersey) - Union County Improvement Authority provides Federal Stimulus Recovery Zone Bonds to build Embassy Suites Hotel in Elizabeth

Freeholder Chairman Dan Sullivan today announced Union County, through the Union County Improvement Authority, will allocate as much as $15 million in Federal Recovery Zone Bonds to build an Embassy Suites Hotel near the Jersey Gardens Mall and Newark-Elizabeth Liberty International Airport.

The construction of the new hotel is expected to create 350 construction jobs, at least 50 permanent jobs, and $650,000 in annual revenues for Elizabeth.

“Now more than ever, it is urgent that we continue to put our residents back to work, create new opportunities and stimulate economic development,” said Freeholder Chairman Daniel P. Sullivan, also a resident of Elizabeth. “This hotel will also provide tax revenues, and is well-situated to benefit from the in-flow of business in the region, including the Airport, Elizabethport, and the Mall.” [9/17/10]

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