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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

St. Louis Globe-Democrat (Missouri) - Report: High speed rail would boost St. Louis economy

[MEMBER MENTIONED: William Lacy Clay (MO-1)]

A new report puts clear numbers and a clear vision on how high-speed rail will boost the Midwest economy, reduce highway and airport congestion, reduce dependence on oil, and protect the environment.

A completed Midwest high-speed rail network will create 57,000 permanent jobs and support 15,200 jobs during the ten years that it would take to construct the project.

In January, the Obama administration announced that 31 states will receive a portion of $8 billion in funding to build and plan for high-speed rail under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Midwest received funds totaling $2.7 billion for rail projects in six states. $1.1 billion has been allocated to upgrade the St. Louis to Chicago line, and $31 million has been allocated for improvements for the route from St. Louis to Kansas City along the I-70 corridor.

'I strongly support the upgrading of existing rail lines across Missouri and the establishment of a high-speed rail corridor between St. Louis and Chicago. These initiatives will create thousands of new jobs, promote energy efficiency and bring new economic development to many communities,' said Congressman William Lacy Clay, MO-01. [9/21/10]

The Hill - Biden: 'Science is back in the White House'

Vice President Joe Biden used a roundtable discussion with university presidents about stimulus research grants on Tuesday to promote the administration's renewed commitment to investing in scientific research.

The purpose of the gathering was to draw attention to the more than $18 billion included in the Recovery Act for university research. Biden said the research funds were among the most critical parts of the stimulus and key to the nation's economic competitiveness. [9/21/10]

The Toledo Blade (Ohio) - Kaptur announces federal grant of nearly $300,000 for Ability Center

[MEMBER MENTIONED:  Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)]

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) announced the award Tuesday of a grant of $276,465 from the federal stimulus bill to help the Ability Center of Greater Toledo reach out to people with disabilities in its seven-county region.

'It's important that people understand what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has done and how it helps the community in which we live,' Miss Kaptur said.

The two-year grant will allow the agency to hire two full-time minority outreach coordinators and increase services to children and young people, the Kaptur office said. [9/21/10]

KGO ABC-7 (California) - Local officials say stimulus funds well spent

San Mateo County spent $2.9 million of its stimulus dollars to subsidize salaries for businesses…

… it also spent another $2 million on food and other assistance for the poor.

Of the $15,860,000 San Mateo County received, 377 jobs were created, but 30,785 clients received services.

…stimulus money meant they could put off some of those cuts.

'Really the best example I can give is sort of the school classroom, which is if there hadn't been stimulus money, maybe the teacher was teaching the class with 35 kids, if with the stimulus money that teacher is teaching a class with 30 kids, that's the difference,' [Patrick] Murphy [Chairman of the Politics Department, University of San Francisco] said.  [9/20/10]

WVLT CBS-8 (Tennessee) - State gets large grant for safer medical information sharing

Governor Bredesen announced the state has received a large grant to improve the sharing of medical information easier.

The 11.6 million dollar grant, available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act- will help pay for technology that will ease the transfer of important health-care information electronically, amongst health care providers, while making it safer as well. [9/22/10]

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