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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

USA Today - Some states get share of stimulus faster
How quickly states draw on their stimulus funds depends largely on state actions and needs, said Ed DeSeve, Obama's senior adviser on the stimulus. The administration has pushed states to spend some of that aid more quickly.

The money has flowed fastest to distressed states like California and Michigan, which have moved swiftly to claim their share of the federal aid…

In other states where the money has flowed more slowly, such as Texas and West Virginia, officials say they do not need the money as urgently because their economic outlook is not as dire.

The $787 billion economic stimulus bill signed into law by President Obama nearly six months ago contained $288 billion in tax cuts and $499 billion in new spending. So far, the administration has spent $76.3 billion -- 15% of the total available.

President Obama said June 8 the stimulus had created or saved 150,000 jobs and would create or save another 600,000 jobs by Sept. 16. His Council of Economic Advisers projects 1.5 million jobs will be saved or created by year's end. The U.S. lost nearly 2.2 million jobs from February through July, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. It's nearly impossible to tell if any specific jobs would or would not exist.

The CEA reports on the employment effects of the stimulus Friday. The Labor Department plans to have 125,000 youths in summer jobs programs by Aug. 31. [Read More]

The Vindicator (Ohio) - Call-center operation is ‘home run' for city
A Los Angeles-based call-center company says it will set up business in the city-owned former Phar-Mor Building downtown and eventually employ about 500.

“This is a home run for Youngstown,” said U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Niles, D-17th. “This is a perfect example of stimulus recovery funds that couldn't be better spent.”

VXI will invest $4 million in the site and the city will contribute $600,000 in federal stimulus funds, which the city will recover through rent paid by VXI, the mayor said. [Read More]

The Poughkeepsie Journal (New York) - Stimulus credited for summer jobs
About 200 summer jobs were created in Orange County thanks to federal economic recovery legislation.

Grant funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act helped provide employment to local youths and young adults 14-24, U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley, announced Wednesday during his visit to the Best Resource Center in Newburgh.

'These young men and women are being provided with valuable opportunities to work in their community, gain employment skills and training, and earn some money,' Hinchey said in a prepared statement. [Read More]

San Francisco Chronicle (California) - S.F. to pay for 1,000 jobs with funds from feds
City officials plan to tap into at least $25 million of $1.8 billion in federal stimulus funds allocated to the state for subsidized employment programs. The $25 million will pay about a year's worth of wages for 1,000 low-income workers hired by local government, private businesses and nonprofits.

Los Angeles County has already announced plans to create 10,000 jobs using the federal stimulus funds, but it is still working on broadening its program to include those not on welfare but under the 200 percent federal poverty threshold… [Read More]

Rocky Mount Telegram (North Carolina) - Stimulus-funded effort puts jobs on fast track
The state's 24 work force boards, JobLink Career Centers and N.C. Employment Security Commission offices will connect job seekers with the training programs and employment opportunities.

Stimulus funds are being used to develop courses and materials, provide students with services and assist them in identifying jobs. The program will end October 2010.
For some job seekers, the program could give them a boost of encouragement to continue with career plans, despite a rocky economy. [Read More]

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