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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The Daily Review (Pennsylvania) - Rep. Carney announces new small business lending program
Local small businesses across northeast and central Pennsylvania may soon be eligible for interest-free loans under a new program created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Rep. Christopher Carney announced today.

The newly launched “America's Recovery Capital” (ARC) program allows small firms to pay down existing business debts without overburdening the firms with interest payments and other costs.
Borrowers pay no interest on the ARC loans and repayment does not begin for one year. Rep. Carney said the new program is part of Congress' ongoing work to help rebuild the economy.

“Many of our small businesses throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania are important and viable parts of our communities in the long term if they could just make it through this rough patch,” Rep. Carney said. [Read More]

The Daily Record (Maryland) -Baltimore getting $17.5M to weatherize 2,100 homes
On Monday city officials gathered in a green building in the middle-class neighborhood of Belair-Edison to announce a $15.7 million award from the federal stimulus package to weatherize the homes of 2,100 low-income Baltimore families in the next three years.

The funds are expected to produce up to $5 million per year in annual savings for these families, and create an undetermined number of 'green-collar' jobs.

U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, whose district includes parts of Baltimore and its surrounding counties, emphasized the fact that the funds come as part of a partnership between the federal, state and local governments, and discussed what Dixon referred to as a “green revolution.”

“Cities are the place where this is going to happen in its most dramatic form,” he said. [Read More]

The Detroit News (Michigan) - Feds boost Michigan's green energy plans
The state is getting more than $32 million in federal stimulus money for energy efficiency projects in Michigan, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced Monday during a visit to Battle Creek.

The state will use the money to reduce energy consumption in public buildings 20 percent by 2012, help establish green communities, and create markets for renewable energy systems and jobs in energy businesses, according to a press release from the Department of Energy.

Part of the money also will be used in conjunction with utilities to perform energy audits of 500 homes and businesses.

'At a time when Michigan families are hurting, this type of community action to promote energy efficiency will offer a much-needed boost to our economy,' Rep. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, said in a statement. [Read More]

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) - Ohio gets stimulus roadwork approved
Ohio passed a stimulus mile marker Friday when it received word that transportation projects totaling more than $336 million had been approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

The state had to have received approval for $327.5 million in funds for road and bridge projects -- half its allocation -- by June 29 or forfeit the difference.

Ohio must have all $655 million in transportation infrastructure projects approved by March 2010.
That money is part of the $935.7 million the state is receiving in transportation stimulus money, which also includes $161.5 million for regional planning agencies, $98.9 million for suburban areas and $20.3 million for rural areas. [Read More]

Indianapolis Star (Indiana) - State will get $164M for affordable housing
Indiana is getting $164 million in economic stimulus funds to build affordable housing across the state, the Obama administration announced Monday.

The money can be used for development projects that the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority already has approved as eligible for a federal tax credit program to encourage affordable-housing developments. [Read More]

WFSB-3 (Connecticut) - Stimulus Funds To Pay For Bridge Work
The state is about to start its first building projected funded by federal stimulus money, which is expected to create 25 new jobs in the state.

The $4.7 million will be used to update the Route 5 bridge in Enfield.

State officials said the bridge is structurally sound, but that it's deteriorating and too low. They said the plan is to strengthen and raise the bridge. [Read More]

The Capital Times (Wisconsin) - Stimulus funds come in handy for local nonprofits, workers
Armando Avila, 38, was driving a forklift on a temporary job through an agency. Former office worker Jason Hefman, 32, had been looking for work for six months. Hillard Wyko, 54, was an independent construction contractor who watched his contracts wither in the economic downturn.

Today the three men are starting new jobs in an expanding field at Project Home, a Madison nonprofit corporation that will be transformed by the federal economic stimulus money it is scheduled to receive -- $8.4 million, administrators learned last week.

Project Home plans to hire up to 35 more workers with the funds from the U.S. Department of Energy and raise by 75 percent the number of homes it makes more energy-efficient for income-eligible owners.

The billions of dollars for weatherization drew ridicule from Republican leadership as a waste of money that would not create jobs, but [U.S. President Barack] Obama insisted it was the right choice.
The state is receiving $141.5 million for its Home Weatherization Assistance Program that helps low-income homeowners reduce energy consumption, according to the Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment. [Read More]

Tennessean - Tennessee awarded $53M stimulus for affordable housing
Tennessee will receive $53 million in new stimulus money designed to ensure that thousands of affordable rental housing units are built across the state, according to an announcement from the federal government being released today.

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency will use the money from the U.S. Treasury to help developers that have been awarded tax credits to develop and complete projects.

Besides Tennessee, Indiana was awarded $164 million, the District of Columbia $33.7 million and Missouri $17 million as part of the round of funding that the Treasury is announcing today. [Read More]

Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) - N.M. Schools To Share in $213 Million
New Mexico's congressional delegation says state schools and education programs will share in $213 million in federal stimulus funding.

The delegation announced the funding Monday, saying it would be used to save teaching jobs and reform and improve the public education system.

New Mexico has already received $97 million in education stimulus funds. The delegation said that represents a combination of funding for Title I, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, vocational rehabilitation grants, independent living Grants and impact aid. [Read More]

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