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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee) - Recovery Act money provides work in Oak Ridge

The Department of Energy has been a huge beneficiary of the Recovery Act. As Nov. 30, DOE's Oak Ridge office had received a total of $1.845 billion.

Of that funding total…about $1.1 billion is being spent by DOE's Oak Ridge contractors and subcontractors, and so far that's saved or created 1,318 jobs in the region, according to data provided by the federal agency. [1/5/10]

The News Press (Florida) - Lee County receives $3 million to fund energy projects

Lee County announced today that the United States Department of Energy will award $3 million in stimulus funding for local projects.

Wilbur Smith Associates submitted a grant application on behalf of Lee County to fund construction ready projects that include a bio-diesel plant, bike path, signal retiming, solar panels for a community center and various utility projects.

The projects will create a total of 123 jobs and will be under construction within six months. [1/5/10]

KFVS CBS-12 (Missouri) - Poplar Bluff Head Start receives stimulus money

The Poplar Bluff Head Start program received a $1.3 million stimulus grant to expand to 80 more children and add 35 new jobs.

The available positions range from management, teachers, and cooks.

Along with the jobs, the service will be offered free of charge for 80 more families, and [Center Director Jodi] Rice says she expects the spots to fill quickly as more importance is put on early childhood education.[1/4/10]

Bradenton Herald (Florida) - Stimulus money sends youth back to school

A Manatee County educational organization has received more than $200,000 in stimulus funds to send out-of-school youth back to the classroom.

Educational Consultants Consortium learned Monday it won a grant under the Workforce Investment Act to help 18- to 21-year-olds obtain their General Education Development certificate or attend a career preparation program at Manatee Technical Institute.

The $225,000 grant being awarded to the organization will help send about 30 local youth back to school, said Barbara Harvey, executive director of Educational Consultants Consortium.

“In this economy, as well as with the crime activity we've had in our community, we certainly do welcome this program,” Harvey said. “It is going to be a major boost for our community.” [1/5/10]

The Ridgefield Press (Connecticut) - Rell says $4.5 million in stimulus funds will be used to boost use of geothermal energy

Governor M. Jodi Rell said today the state is dedicating $4.5 million in federal stimulus funds to help homeowners, businesses and nonprofit groups pay for the installation of geothermal heat pump systems, an investment that will lower fuel and electricity bills and promote use of alternative energy.

The cost-effective technology harnesses the Earth's natural thermal energy for heating and cooling.

“This is a wonderful opportunity and incentive for hundreds of ratepayers to boost the use of efficient, natural energy,” Governor Rell said. “Connecticut is a national leader in embracing and promoting greener, cleaner energy. That allows us to create opportunities for new industry, new jobs and a healthier environment.[1/4/10]

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