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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The Durham News (North Carolina) - Stimulus funds help us today and tomorrow


…with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, (ARRA also known as 'Stimulus') dollars in mind, and the jobs that have been created or saved in Durham because of millions of dollars invested in our local and regional economy.

…thanks to more than $8 million from various federal agencies, the city has managed to plug critical operations that would have suffered or been cut, such as the DATA bus service. ARRA funding has helped save and create almost 300 jobs. Training continues to help laid-off workers and young people to find jobs.

... Vice President Joe Biden highlighted Cree as one of the top ARRA projects due to its award of a clean energy manufacturing tax credit of $39.1 million to expand their facilities here in Durham.

Just last year, Cree announced that the company planned to hire 575 jobs through 2012. The company has hired 600 and has announced plans to hire another 250. While the jobs created in Durham are important, the long-term economic impact is much greater. The bigger contribution to the state, the city and the county through employee spending, company spending, as well as property, income and sales taxes argue for the positive impact of the economic stimulus. [10/13/10]

Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) - 444 APS Jobs Credited To Stimulus

[DISTRICT MENTIONED: Martin Heinrich (NM-1)]

When Lynn Tabor was hired back at Albuquerque Public Schools this summer after being laid off in the spring, she didn't know the federal stimulus had helped save her job.

The New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment, which tracks the state's stimulus spending, has released the estimated number of full-time education jobs funded in the second quarter, which ended in June. It says 444 jobs were created or saved in APS [Albuquerque Public Schools], including charter schools. The statewide number is 2,079 jobs.

Other districts with triple-digit job savings, according to the state, are: Las Cruces Public Schools, 164 jobs; Santa Fe Public Schools, 127 jobs; Rio Rancho Public Schools, 119 jobs; and Los Lunas Schools, 108 jobs. [10/13/10]

Bloomberg - Virginians save $377M from fed tax credit

Virginia families have saved about $377 million thanks to the federal American Opportunity Tax Credit.

The credit was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It gives a tax credit to families with tuition expenses.

The Treasury Department on Wednesday issued a new report analyzing how the tax credit has made college more affordable for more Americans. It says the credit increased overall tax benefits for higher education expenses by more than 90 percent, helping 12.5 million students and their families pay for college in 2009. [10/13/10]

Philadelphia Business Journal (Pennsylvania) - Report: Stimulus saved Pa., N.J. and Del. in college costs

College is more affordable thanks to the federal stimulus.

Families in the tri-state area have saved nearly $1.3 billion combined through the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which was created by President Obama as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act…

In the tri-state area Pennsylvania was the biggest beneficiary of the AOTC, which saved 335,000 families $690 million -- an average of $2,059 per family. In New Jersey, the AOTC saved 281,000 families $556 million, which was an average of $1,981 per family. In Delaware, 22,000 families saved $41 million -- an average of $1,885. [10/14/10]

Charleston Gazette (West Virginia) - Stimulus to pay for Fairmont supercomputer

[MEMBER MENTIONED: Alan Mollohan (WV-1)]

A supercomputer center designed to improve global and regional weather forecasting is expected to open in Fairmont next fall.

More than $27.6 million in federal stimulus funds will help pay for the computer center, federal officials announced at a Wednesday press conference. 

'This state-of-the-art supercomputer will not only give NOAA a powerful new tool in climate and weather modeling and service delivery, it will also cement north-central West Virginia's reputation as a growing high-tech center,' U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan said in a prepared statement Wednesday. 'This facility will help anchor the I-79 Technology Park for decades to come.' [10/13/10]

Medill Reports (Illinois) - Federal stimulus boost ramps up weatherization improvements, helps low-income residents

Because of last year's federal stimulus package, which included a $5 billion investment in state Weatherization Assistant Programs, [Ora] Ballard had drafty windows in her Section 8 apartment replaced this summer.  The new windows help make her apartment more energy efficient.

Illinois received $242 million in weatherization funds under the federal stimulus program, more than all but five other states.

In Cook County, the nonprofit Community Economic Development Association administers weatherization funds.  John Hamilton, the director of the association, said the association has tripled its productivity since the stimulus.

Hamilton predicts that 12,000 Cook County families will be served this year.  On average, the association processes between 1,000 and 1,500 weatherization requests every month. [10/12/10]

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