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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Des Moines Register - U.S. money to revive affordable housing in Iowa

Iowans hard-hit by the recession and natural disasters last year should see an infusion of affordable housing - and new jobs - with $72 million from the federal stimulus package.

The money should push forward about 50 affordable housing projects that have been on hold since the collapse of the tax credit investor market last year, state leaders said Thursday.

The state was unable to say how many jobs would be created, but developer Rick Tollakson estimated that each project could need a couple hundred workers, depending on its size. … The program will help cities and towns across the state, but leaders say it is especially needed in areas pounded by floods and tornadoes last year. [6/5/09]

Aiken Standard (South Carolina) - Aiken schools get $6.9 million in stimulus money

Aiken County school officials found out Friday morning the district will receive about $6.9 million from the federal stimulus funds…. School board members, faced with massive cuts for next school year, will discuss how to allocate the money at their meeting Tuesday night.

The funds had been tied up in legal and political maneuvering since Gov. Mark Sanford said he would not request a $700 million federal stimulus package unless it could be used to pay off state debt. The Obama administration refused. On Thursday the state Supreme Court ordered Sanford to request the money, which is aimed primarily at struggling schools. [6/5/09]

WZZM Channel 12 - Federal stimulus dollars help West Michigan youth find jobs

Governor Granholm has named June Youth Employment Month in Michigan. … This summer, more than 304,000 teenagers are expected to seek jobs in our state. The federal stimulus is making that hunt easier by funding a job training program, creating hundreds of summer jobs.

This is a great opportunity to give kids who are right now in competition with adults to get these jobs,' says Valarie Thompson with the White Lake Workforce Development Center. … Thompson is matching area employers with teenagers looking for jobs. The youth training program provides workers to area employers with the federal government footing the bill.

The youth job training program uses $1.2 billion dollars in stimulus funds. The 10 week program is available statewide. It will create thousands of positions for youth ages 14 through 24. [6/5/09]

Construction Digital - Stimulus aid has Colorado projects up and running

Colorado's first highway projects funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 are now under way. Stimulus aid is being used for a local project in the city of Littleton along with work on one state highway and one interstate highway.

A $1.2 million resurfacing project in Littleton is expected to last approximately 30 days and will employ approximately 30 private sector construction workers. [6/5/09]

WKTV (New York) - Richfield Springs and Canastota to receive stimulus funds for clean water projects

Governor David A. Paterson announced Thursday numerous clean water projects selected to receive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. … 22 communities from across the State will be awarded $130 million for the construction of water treatment plants and the installation of sewer system upgrades, including Madison and Otsego Counties.

The projects will create an estimated 1,300 direct and indirect jobs across the State in many communities that have been deeply affected by the current recession. These positions will include construction, mining, and professional opportunities, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, heavy-equipment operators, engineers, steel miners, manufacturers as well as legal jobs, high-tech jobs, and plant operators. [6/4/09]