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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Bloomberg - ‘Enormous Number' of Highway Jobs Coming, LaHood Says

…“You're going to see an enormous number of people in the states working this spring, summer and fall in good-paying jobs,” LaHood said today in an interview with Bloomberg News.

The $28 billion in stimulus money for highway construction will create employment quickly because state transportation departments will distribute it to projects that await only funding to get started, LaHood said. Stimulus money worth $8.4 billion for mass transit and $8 billion for high-speed rail will also be distributed quickly, LaHood said… [3/4/09]

Toledo Blade (Ohio): Toledo 1 of 3 guard sites to get solar panels

…The state National Guard has received $8.5 million out of $226 million earmarked in the federal package for capital projects at such facilities. In Ohio, 22 facilities will be funded with the focus chiefly on roofing and energy efficiency projects.

“These [solar] projects will save the National Guard about $78,000 in utility costs within the first year of operation and will generate about 375,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year,” Ohio National Guard Maj. Gen. Gregory Wayt said… [3/3/09]

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) - Education funding: Cuts still loom, but stimulus funds helping

Students, teachers and parents can breathe a tentative sigh of relief.

Legislative leaders and Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. have agreed to try to use federal stimulus money as a short-term fix to minimize education pain in budget cuts…

Kim Campbell, Utah Education Association president, said she's glad to see lawmakers using the stimulus money as it was intended…

“The kids benefit, the economy benefits and Utah's future will benefit by filling those gaps,” Campbell said… 3/3/09]

Orlando Sentinel (Fla.) - Small-business stimulus: Something for everyone, eventually

What's in the federal stimulus bill for small businesses? Quite a bit…

“There's a focus on small business in the stimulus plan, and the SBA is getting a lot of benefits from this,” said Geof Longstaff, chairman of Mercantile Commercial Capital, an Altamonte Springs-based lender that has established a stimulus-response team to decipher the legislation. “It will be cheaper for small businesses to apply for loans, and there will be fewer SBA fees.”… [3/4/09]


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