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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

New York Times Editorial - Courting Disaster in South Carolina

Now that Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina has polished his credentials with the Republican right by recklessly rejecting $700 million in federal education stimulus money, we keep hoping he will change his mind and put the needs of his recession-ravaged state ahead of his political ambitions… [3/30/09]

Martinsville Bulletin (Virginia) - Lawmakers: Stimulus saved Virginia jobs

Federal stimulus funds saved an estimated 90,000 jobs in Virginia, according to state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds.

“Thank goodness for the stimulus package,” Reynolds, D-Ridgeway, told about 60 people at the Piedmont Democratic Women's Club's legislative breakfast Saturday at Forest Park Country Club.

Both Reynolds and Del. Ward Armstrong, D-Collinsville, said the $1 billion in stimulus funds the commonwealth received prevented the budget shortfall from being worse than it was. The money was in the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Barack Obama last month.

While Reynolds said the funds saved 90,000 jobs throughout the state, Armstrong said they prevented the layoffs of 7,000 state employees… [3/30/09]

Des Moines Register (Iowa) - State plans for school stimulus
State education leaders expect to begin learning this week how more than $580 million in federal stimulus money could be parceled out to Iowa schools over the next two years.

Gov. Chet Culver plans to unveil a revised budget this week that will outline how the state could spend roughly $386 million of its federal education stimulus, known as state fiscal stabilization funds, Culver spokesman Phil Roeder said… [3/30/09]

Fox Valley Villages Sun (Illinois) - Fox Valley getting share of ‘green' dollars

Another round of federal stimulus money for the area means millions for energy-based programs.

Specifically, Aurora stands to get $1.5 million and Kane County $2.4 million as part of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program that is allocating $2.6 billion across the country.

Broad rules for the funds allow governments to use the money for, among other things, job and program creation and transportation initiatives. The ultimate goal: energy conservation and reductions in fossil fuel use and emissions… [3/30/09]

Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin) - Three health clinics in northeastern Wisconsin to receive economic recovery funds

Three northeastern Wisconsin health clinics will receive economic recovery funding under a program to expand services offered at health care centers nationwide, Rep. Steve Kagen announced Friday.

The grants are targeted for health centers that treat the uninsured, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, which is making $3.9 million available to 16 community centers in Wisconsin… [3/28/09]

Detroit News (Michigan) - Michigan will receive $8.6M for health clinics

Michigan will receive $8.6 million in grants for health clinics to expand services for the poor, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday…

The Detroit Community Health Connection plans to use its $360,479 to hire five new support staff in the dental section and a new midwife to help out with obstetrics and gynecology, said Wayne Bradley, the clinic's president and CEO.

'This is really important money for us,' Bradley said… [3/28/09]

Florida Today Editorial - Our views: Stimulus benefit

To those who say the $787 billion federal stimulus package is a waste of taxpayer money, here's one example of why they're wrong:

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office could gain 40 badly needed deputies through the program to help protect our community at a time when the department is down 76 positions… [3/29/09]