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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

The Denver Channel, ABC 7 (Colorado) - Stimulus Dollars Creating Construction Jobs

Stimulus dollars for Colorado road projects are now translating to jobs.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has awarded five contracts for $14 million of work. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

The state is expected to get $400 million for road projects and another $100 million for transit… [4/7/09]

Jacksonville News (Alabama) - City schools to get $976,000 in stimulus funds

Schools leaders in Calhoun and surrounding counties are planning how they'll spend $18 million in stimulus funds, vital money to help save teaching jobs, restore critical programs and fund supplies.

“This is like having a rich, unknown uncle to send you a big inheritance,” said Jacksonville Superintendent Eric Mackey. “(For) one time you have more money than you ever had before to really do something.”… [4/8/09]

Southtown Star (Illinois) - Stimulus cash to pave Southland streets

The $9 billion state capital bill signed into law last week contains tens of millions of dollars for repaving local streets this spring.

Supporters say the bill, which is only a prelude to a much larger capital plan that lawmakers have been seeking to pass for years, will create an estimated 60,000 jobs. The bill's price tag includes $3 billion from the state and $6 billion in federal stimulus money… [4/8/09]

KSBW Channel 8 (California) - $4.7M Given Locally For Energy Projects

Local energy projects have received $4.7 million in funds from the new federal recovery act.

The funds will be dispersed to three cities and one county on the Central Coast, Rep. San Farr said Wednesday… [4/7/09]

New York Times - Recession Stalls State-Financed Pre-Kindergarten, but Federal Money May Help

…Mr. Obama promised during the campaign to make large new investments in early childhood education, and in the economic stimulus package, Congress appropriated more than $4 billion for Head Start and Early Head Start programs and for grants to states to support child care for low-income families… [4/8/09]