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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

News and Record (Virginia) - Perriello Announces $8.8 Million in Stimulus Funds for Home Weatherization in 5th District

Congressman Tom Perriello announced Thursday that nearly $8.8 million will be made available to weatherize more than 1,100 homes in the 5th District, thanks to federal funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Investing in home weatherization is a win-win situation because families can lower their home energy costs, which helps all consumers by taking pressure off the grid. Additionally, we can train a new green jobs workforce in energy efficiency technology,” said Perriello. “These funds from the Recovery Act will create green jobs now and reduce energy costs for 1,100 homes in the 5th District.”… [4/24/09]

Daily Gazette (New York) - Stimulus money comes to rescue in proposed Mechanicville school budget

The Mechanicville School District Board of Education approved a tentative $21 million budget that raises the tax levy about 1.3 percent, according to school officials…

“We would have had a 12.9 percent tax levy increase if the stimulus money hadn't come in,” Grimaldi said… [4/24/09]

Tulsa World (Oklahoma) - Oklahoma schools get nearly $130 million in stimulus funds

The Oklahoma State Department of Education began notifying school districts across the state Thursday that the first round of federal stimulus money -- nearly $130 million -- is available… [4/24/09]

Indianapolis Star (Indiana) - Indiana speeds to spend highway stimulus dollars

Indiana was one of the fastest states out of the block in putting federal stimulus money to use in improving the state's roads and bridges… [4/24/09]

Christian Science Monitor - Science to gain from stimulus funds, but projects must be ‘beaker ready'

The last time the US ramped up spending on science this much, the result was a man on the moon. This time the goal is more modest: jobs.

Yes, some interesting science may come out of spending $21.5 billion - equal to a 15 percent boost above recent amounts - in a short burst. But most projects have to be “beaker-ready” because a lot of the dollars will be awarded by September. This means the bulk of the money will be used to build labs, renovate classrooms, or fund projects that are already past the “interesting concept” stage… [4/24/09]

Jacksonville Business Journal - Green industry to benefit from federal stimulus, too

The federal stimulus package is designed first and foremost to shock the American economy into recovery. Then there's the expected shot to the industry of green.

The $787 billion stimulus package emphasizes funding for energy efficiency, sustainable building and renewable energy. Green proponents hope that the stimulus package will help push the movement further into the mainstream as the public and private sector realize the environmental and fiscal benefits… [4/24/09]


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