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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pennsylvania) - Butler VA groundbreaking near

The Butler Veterans Affairs Medical Center soon will initiate the biggest building project in its history, breaking ground next month on two new buildings on its 88-acre campus in Butler Township…

A single-story community-living center for longterm care of veterans, equipped with 60 private bedrooms and bathrooms, is to be built for an estimated $15 million, Mr. Virag said.

Also, a domicile for patients struggling with substance abuse is being constructed…

An $11.6 million infusion of cash from the federal stimulus package that was approved earlier this year by Congress is allowing the VA to advance the community living center project… [5/26/09]

WTVD Channel 11 (North Carolina) - Stimulus covers most of new National Guard HQ

One of the state's first major projects partially funded by federal stimulus money is underway…

The National Guard Joint Force Headquarters is a 237,000 sq. ft. facility. It will serve as the state command center where the governor, state and federal disaster officials can oversee emergency relief efforts. [5/26/09]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Feds keep tabs on spending

It's not a bad thing --- having a federal agency place Georgia under a microscope on how it spends its federal stimulus money.

It's because so much stimulus money will be coming here.

Georgia is one of 16 states and Washington that the Government Accountability Office will follow over the next few years to see how the money is spent. The agency chose Georgia and the other locations --- including California, Florida, North Carolina and Texas --- because, all told, they hold two-thirds of the nation's people and will receive two-thirds of the stimulus money… [5/26/09]

Billings Gazette (Montana) - MSUB upgrades on its stimulus list

Federal stimulus money will pay for badly needed deferred maintenance at Montana State University Billings and community colleges in Eastern Montana…

The 2009 Montana Legislature funneled a portion of the state's $880 million stimulus package to public colleges and universities for deferred maintenance and energy efficiency projects… [5/26/09]

Durango Herald (Colorado) - Colorado wants stimulus money for broadband

… “You used to have to set things up to send in the middle of the night and hopefully they'd be gone by morning,” said Bruce Christensen, mayor of this Colorado River resort city of about 8,500 people.

Christensen says the city's $3 million investment lured and retained businesses and nudged commercial providers into expanding high-speed access. Colorado officials want to do the same statewide, an effort that could be pushed along if the state is awarded a share of $7.2 billion in federal stimulus money meant to extend broadband access in underserved and unserved areas… [5/26/09]