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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Post-Standard (New York) - Stimulus money puts construction crews on the road again

Slate Hill Constructors Inc. laid off 40 seasonal construction workers last year, and the company spent the winter in intense competition for the summer's road and bridge projects…

By the end of April, company President Jeff Hanlon was weighing whether he would have to skip raises for the first time in 24 years.

No more.

The highway money is flowing in New York, thanks to the federal economic stimulus package. Slate Hill won the state's first contract to be paid by stimulus money, and it demonstrates the real-life ripple effect of the hurry-up spending… [5/20/09]

Gainesville Sun (Florida) - Stimulus funds to pay teachers

The Alachua County School District will use federal stimulus money to pay approximately 250 teachers on annual contracts for the next two school years…

For the Alachua County School District, the budget stabilization portion of the stimulus will be $9.1 million for school years 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Keith Birkett, assistant superintendent for planning and budget, said all that money will be spent on teachers… [5/20/09]

Monmouth Daily Review Atlas (Illinois) - Haretouts stimulus in Monmouth

U.S. Rep. Phil Hare met with the Warren County Housing Authority this weekend to discuss the more than $500,000 it received from the economic stimulus package…

'As millions of Americans face foreclosure in these tough economic times, affordable public housing must be a priority,' Hare said. 'I commend the Warren County Housing Authority for the great work that they do.' [5/20/09]

Wichita Eagle (Kansas) - Unemployment benefits extended for part-time workers in training programs

Gov. Mark Parkinson signed a bill Tuesday that extends unemployment benefits for employees who are taking approved training courses while on a shortened work schedule…

The bill allows Kansas to tap into $69 million in federal stimulus funds to help with unemployment benefits. The funds help build up the unemployment compensation fund, which is financed by a tax on employers… [5/20/09]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia) - Stimulus dollars may boost broadband in rural areas

Georgia is one of the few states proactively lining up projects to install high-speed Internet in rural and underserved parts of the state with the help of federal stimulus money, Georgia Technology Authority program director Rich Calhoun said this week…

Wonders said adding high-speed Internet is more than just adding technology. “Broadband brings with it jobs, it saves jobs, and it brings the ability to attract and retain industry,” he said… [5/20/09]