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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Detroit News (Michigan) - White House offers $50M to auto communities

The Obama administration said today it would set aside $50 million in federal stimulus money for worker retraining in communities hit by auto industry layoffs… [5/21/09] - Food stamp stimulus hits state economies

States quietly launched a multi-billion-dollar boost in food stamp funding last month that experts say is more likely than any other stimulus program to jolt the moribund economy back to life.

“People who receive these benefits are hard-pressed and will spend any financial aid they receive very quickly,” said Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi. Every $1 spent on the food assistance program adds $1.73 to local economies because an uptick in food sales creates related jobs and further consumer spending… [5/19/09]

WRCB Channel 3 (Georgia) - $36 million in DOJ stimulus money to Ga.

Georgia law enforcement will receive a boost from more than $36 million in federal stimulus funds for public safety programs.

Georgia's Criminal Justice Coordinating Council will divide the money between state and local programs. Officials say some of the cash will go to victim and witness assistance programs that have been hit hard by budget cuts… [5/21/09]

Belleville News-Democrat (Alaska) - Anchorage using stimulus funds to fight homelessness

A string of four homeless deaths in 10 days this month. Dramatically rising numbers of Anchorage families doubling up in cramped apartments. More people in shelters. More children with no home to call their own.

Officials say the homeless problem in Anchorage is big and growing and they are directing $775,000 in federal stimulus money to do something about it… [5/21/09]

Arizona Silver Belt (Arizona) - Rep. Kirkpatrick announces $200,000 in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Fitzpatrick/Barcon Site

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick announced today that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be making $200,000 available to clean up hazardous substances at the Fitzpatrick/Barcon site at 53 Keystone Avenue.

The funds will be provided to the Town of Miami as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act… [5/19/09]