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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) - Courthouse work may yield 100 jobs

A $6.7 million project to make the Joseph P. Kinneary Courthouse more energy efficient will put up to 100 people to work during the next two years, Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy said.

Once it's launched, the construction work will employ about 50 to 100 people over about two years… The Columbus courthouse project, and several other similar ones in Ohio, stems from $5.5 billion worth of stimulus money allotted for federal building-renovation efforts, including 'high-performance green building' initiatives, according to the federal agency. [5/29/09]

Burlington Free Press (Vermont) - ARRA dollars pave roads, maybe path to new economy -- Funds pave way to economic boost

Vermonters need look no further than the nearest paving project to see federal economic stimulus dollars at work. Over the next two construction seasons, the state expects to spend $125 million in ARRA dollars on road and bridge work, a welcome supplement to the state's shrinking transportation revenues. All told, Vermont could benefit from $700 million or more in ARRA funding to both maintain critical state services in the time of significant revenue decline and boost business activity to speed up the state's economic recovery.

The federal recovery Web site predicts 8,000 jobs will be saved or created in Vermont as a result of the ARRA dollars. Jay Perkins at Pike Industries said his company had been preparing for a lot of belt-tightening in 2009 -- until the federal stimulus dollars came into the picture. “The stimulus actually jump-started our company,” Perkins said. he predicted Pike would add extra workers this summer to the base 250 the company employs. “We have filled 25 new positions since the beginning of the year and have an additional 10 positions in the pre-employment process,” he said. “We still have an additional 14 open positions we expect to fill shortly. So, in total we are adding 49 positions to our work force this year in Vermont.” [5/29/09]

Staten Island Advance (New York) - Where Staten Island's stimulus $$ are going

Staten Island's two health clinics for the uninsured will get a boost of more than $1 million each and the borough could lead the city in new jobs stemming from the federal economic stimulus package, officials told a crowd in Stapleton last night.

The overall stimulus package extends enrollment and benefits of wide-reaching programs, like boosting food stamp payments more than 13 percent, ending tax liability on unemployment benefits, increasing Pell grants by $180 million statewide and giving a $400 tax credit to individuals, $800 for families.

At the meeting, an adviser to Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city is getting $4 billion in operational funding and $1 billion for building projects… Much of the $4 billion will go toward averting teacher layoffs or to programs like Medicaid. It will allow 10,000 unemployed people to receive job training, provide 51,000 summer jobs for young people, and fund a $5.5 million 'go to school to get a job' program, whereby dropouts are given jobs in return for going back to school. [5/29/09]

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pennsylvania) - Stimulus-funded bridge project gets under way in Beaver County

'It's exactly what the stimulus program was intended to do,' said Mr. Rendell, who said the project would employ 40 people and five Pennsylvania companies, four of them from this region.

Mr. Rendell and Dan Cessna, district executive for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said the project would not have happened for several years had it not been for the federal stimulus program.

'Right now, Beaver County needs this economic stimulus to get people to work and to rebuild its infrastructure in order to attract new residents and businesses. Stories like this one are playing out across the state as more than $1 billion in federal transportation stimulus funds is supplementing the $1.8 billion in work Pennsylvania had already planned for this year,' he said. [5/29/09]

The Seattle Times (Washington) - Wash. gets $672M in education stimulus

The state is receiving $672 million in federal stimulus money that state officials say will help offset budget cuts in the K-12 education system.

Gov. Chris Gregoire announced Wednesday that the money was now available, and that the state would be able to apply for an additional $331 million in the fall.

Gregoire says the money will help reduce class sizes in grades K-4 and provide additional training for educators, among other things…. Higher education will also receive some of the stimulus money. [5/27/09]