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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Today, as part of a larger initiative to assist small businesses, President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner announced details of how to get credit flowing to Main Street through the $730 million funds included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to reduce small business lending fees and to raise the guarantee on some SBA loans up to 90 percent.

Headlines and Highlights from other coverage include:

Daily Press (Virginia) - Stimulus funding could restore local school jobs
…The General Assembly used state stabilization funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to restore cuts in state support for K-12 education and the state's colleges and universities. More than $365 million of the funds coming to Virginia were included in the General Assembly's final budget, which awaits Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's signature… [3/16/09]

Greenville News Editorial (South Carolina) - It's simple: Our state should take the stimulus money
South Carolina cannot afford to turn its back on $700 million in federal stimulus money that will plug holes in a badly damaged state budget. Doing so would be worse than foolish; it would amount to little more than a political stunt that hurts people in this state already brought to its knees during this lingering recession... [3/15/09]

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) - Stimulus aid 'huge' for center's uninsured
For seven years, the Lower Lights Christian Health Center has cobbled together donations and grants to treat poor and uninsured patients.

Times got so tough in 2007 that the Franklinton clinic had to limit the number of new uninsured patients to 30 a month.

Now, thanks to $1.3 million from the federal stimulus package, Lower Lights officials say they no longer have to turn people away.

“It is huge, not only for us, but for the uninsured patients,” said Dr. Dana Vallangeon, chief executive of the center. “Now we can really, fully perform our mission again.”… [3/14/09]

New York Times - For Sellers of Pavers and Cones, Stimulus Lifts Hopes After a Troubled Year
… With $27.5 billion in federal stimulus money heading to state transportation departments, the people who make their living by building highways were in an uncharacteristic good mood. They hope the money will begin to revive an industry that hit a rough patch last year.

“It's got to go somewhere; some of it's got to come to us,” said Mr. Ford, the Eastern regional manager for Work Area Protection, a company based in Illinois. He said his hopes were lifted by calls he had received in the last few days from contractors in New Jersey who were interested in buying solar-powered light-up signs, the ones that steer drivers into other lanes and warn of road work ahead… [3/16/09]

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