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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

CNN - Stimulus may get small wind turbines spinning
The gale force of President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus package could breathe new life into an emerging industry: small wind turbines.

The bill provides a 30 percent investment tax credit to consumers who buy these turbines, which are typically used to help power homes or small businesses.

Even amid a recession, this tax credit 'is going to blow the top off the market,' said Ron Stimmel, a 'small-wind' advocate with the American Wind Energy Association… [3/9/09]

KIVI - Channel 6 (Idaho): Buck up, ID kids: Stimulus means shots on the way
Thanks to the federal stimulus, low-income Idaho kids are going to be able to get their immunizations.

Department of Health and Welfare Director Richard Armstrong said Monday the $787 billion economic shot-in-the-arm signed by President Barack Obama includes $2.9 million for Idaho for shots in the arms of young recipients of state aid… [3/9/09]

Washington Post - Stimulus Funds to Reach Schools Within Weeks
Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced yesterday that nearly $44 billion in federal stimulus aid to schools will be available to states in the next 30 to 45 days -- soon enough, education officials hope, to prevent hundreds of thousands of layoffs nationwide and program cuts that would hit home in schools across the Washington region.

“This is really a chance to avert an educational catastrophe and to save a generation of kids,” Duncan said… [3/8/09]

Jackson Clarion Ledger (Miss.) - Federal stimulus bill to provide $1.3 million for health facilities
A $1.3 million federal health-care grant issued last week to Pearl-based Family Health Care Clinic makes it one of the first organizations in the state to benefit from the recently signed stimulus bill.

The money will help open three health-care clinics in southwest Mississippi, creating an estimated 70 jobs, including about 30 full-time positions…[3/9/09]

Washington Examiner - Stimulus pumps $40 million into Virginia law enforcement
The federal stimulus package will pump nearly $40 million into Virginia's local law enforcement agencies, including at least $1.8 million to Northern Virginia counties, according to the Obama administration…

The public safety dollars may help forestall the most painful program cuts and layoffs being considered by local departments across Virginia… [3/8/09]

Wichita Eagle (Kansas): State unemployment and food assistance get boost from federal stimulus money
More Kansans will qualify for food assistances and those receiving unemployment will see an extra $25 a week from stimulus money sent to the state…

Money available to pay for food assistance will be increased by 13.6 percent which equals $12.6 million in the current fiscal year and $53.9 million in the next year, Jordan said.

“These additional resources will help Kansas families put food on the table,” he said…[3/9/09]

Jackson County Times Journal (Ohio) - Ohio receiving over $6.3 million for community health centers; 190 jobs to be saved or created
Welcoming another installment of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds coming into Ohio, Congressman Zack Space (OH-18) today announced that Ohio will be receiving $6,362,316 for community health centers throughout the state through the Department of Health and Human Services. This investment will save or create 190 jobs and allow these centers to continue treating the nearly 26,000 people they see every year… [3/8/09]

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