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Out-of-touch Congressional Republicans Oppose Closing Tax Loopholes that Encourage Companies to Ship Jobs Overseas

Congressional Republicans, led by House Republican Leader John Boehner, continue to side with the Special Interests - Big Oil, insurance companies, Wall Street and corporations that ship American jobs overseas - and against workers, their families, small businesses and our country's economic recovery.

Congressional Republicans are out-of-touch. In a new Allstate/National Journal poll released last week, 70 percent of Americans surveyed said it was extremely or very important to 'reduce the number of jobs that are outsourced to workers in foreign countries.'  

According to the breakout of the poll, the idea has strong support from Americans of all ages:

  • 66 percent of adults age 18 years old to 29 years old
  • 71 percent of adults age 30 to 44
  • 69 percent of adults age 45 to 54
  • 77 percent of adults age 55 to 64
  • 66 percent of adults age 65 and over

And party affiliations:

  • 71 percent of Democrats
  • 71 percent of Republicans
  • 68 percent of Independents

Time and again, Congressional Republicans have voted AGAINST bills to help workers and small businesses including voting against closing tax loopholes that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas even as millions of jobless Americans are looking for work.

99% of House Republicans voted against the AMERICAN JOBS AND CLOSING TAX LOOPHOLES ACT to help create or save more than one million American jobs and prevent corporations from shipping jobs overseas and sticking American taxpayers with the bill.

99% of House Republicans voted to protect tax breaks for companies who ship American jobs overseas, rejecting legislation to clamp down on tax provisions that are strong incentives for U.S. corporations that shift jobs or profits offshore, either through accounting gimmicks or by moving actual operations, and to provide for state aid to protect 161,000 teacher jobs and 158,000 other jobs for police, firefighters and in the private sector. 

99% of House Republicans voted against small business relief paid for by closing outsourcing tax breaks.  In July, Republicans opposed legislation that would have eliminated certain '1099' reporting requirements for small businesses and been paid for by ending tax breaks that encourage companies to move American jobs overseas.

98 percent of House Republicans voted against the SMALL BUSINESS AND INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS ACT to create jobs with bipartisan provisions to spur investment in local rebuilding projects and a range of bipartisan proposals to help our small businesses grow, hire and continue to fuel our economy - including a provision to Save American Jobs by cracking down on foreign tax haven corporations that are using the U.S. tax treaty network to dodge U.S. taxes.  

97 percent of House Republicans voted against the HIRE ACT giving small businesses tax incentives to hire jobless Americans estimated to create 300,000 American jobs. This bill included provisions to crack down on offshore accounts for corporations and the wealthy and to delay until 2020 a tax break that would let U.S. multinational companies that have shipped jobs overseas reduce their U.S. taxes by deducting more of their worldwide interest income against their U.S. income.

These votes are further evidence that Congressional Republicans are completely out of touch with the American people.

Bottom line: House Republicans are proposing more of the exact same failed policies that they championed under Bush - larger deficits, fewer jobs, more for the Special Interests and less for American workers, their families and small businesses.