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Support for Public Health Insurance Option in America's Affordable Health Choices Act Remains Strong

Americans strongly support a public health insurance option to be part of America's Affordable Health Choices Act.

Another Poll
A new Quinnipiac University poll found 62 percent in favor of giving people the option of a government insurance plan. Only 32 percent are opposed.

Another Editorial
USA Today: “Alternatives to ‘public option' lack clout to rein in medical spending…

“… Not surprisingly, private insurers aren't keen on the public option …”

The public option available in America's Affordable Health Choices Act would provide choice and encourage innovation and cost containment by providing competition to private insurers.
Recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) also confirmed the provisions in H.R. 3200, such as the individual and employer responsibility requirements, retaining the tax benefit for employer-sponsored insurance, and the targeted income-related structure of affordability credits would result in dramatically increased coverage without crowding out private insurance. The analysis states the bill would:

  • Lead to an increase in employer sponsored insurance coverage: “We estimate that about 12 million people who would not be enrolled in an employment-based plan under current law would be covered by one in 2016...”
  • Not crowd out private health insurance: “CBO does not anticipate a substantial shift from private insurance to Medicaid.
  • Not lead to inflated public option enrollment, in fact, private plans would be dominant in marketplace. The CBO projects only about 10-11 million individuals in the public option by 2019.
  • Several of the bills measures could lead to decreased costs for the average consumer (e.g. encouraging Healthy Consumers to purchase insurance, reducing the “cost shift” of the uninsured, and reforms to Medicare).

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