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What Others Are Saying About the Historic Energy Security Bill

'The bill represents a historic opportunity to ease America's dependence on foreign oil and to take steps in the battle against global warming...'
-- New York Times Editorial, 12/13/07

'The groundbreaking deal in Congress to raise mile-per-gallon standards will compel the auto industry to churn out more fuel-efficient vehicles on a faster timeline than the companies wanted, though with flexibility to get the job done.' 
-- AP, 12/1/07

'The environmental movement has been trying for more than 20 years, through both Democratic and Republican administrations, to force the auto industry to build cars that get better mileage. It took record gas prices and worrisome signs of a changing climate to do it, but the light finally turned green this week with the Senate's passage of a history-making energy bill.'
-- Los Angeles Times editorial, 12/15/07

'The American people are demanding a new direction in energy policy, and Congress has spent the last year doing just that. The bills that the House and Senate passed are a dramatic departure from the energy bills of the last three decades...This historic legislation will make America more energy independent, more secure, create thousands of new jobs, spark economic growth, save consumers money, cut pollution and make real progress to reduce carbon emissions warming the Earth.'
--Natural Resources Defense Council, 12/13/07

'By passing energy legislation that couples the benefits of renewable fuels with conservation measures like higher vehicle efficiencies, Congress will deliver to the American people the map to chart a new energy direction in this country.'
-- Renewable Fuels Association, 12/13/07

'After more than thirty years, Congress is finally poised to reduce our dangerous oil addiction. Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid along with Chairman Dingell and Chairman Markey deserve tremendous credit for breaking the decades-long log jam on fuel economy.' 
-- Environment America, 12/13/07

'The U.S. Senate should be applauded for passing a much-needed energy bill that is a significant first step toward increasing fuel efficiency standards for our automobiles to 35 miles per gallon by 2020. We urge President Bush to sign the bill after the House passes it.'  -- League of Conservation Voters, 12/13/07

'Getting cleaner cars is a huge environmental victory that will reduce global warming pollution and clean our air. The benefits will last for decades... We have an important victory...  The historic auto efficiency victory shows us that good policy and strong public support can eventually win the day over narrow special interests.'
-- Audubon, 12/13/07

'Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have reached agreement on measures that will reform and strengthening the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) system and result in significant oil savings.  Both chambers have developed compatible plans for expanding the production of renewable alternatives under an aggressive but achieveable Renewable Fuel Standard.... These meaningful measures on fuel economy and renewable fuels are supported by a truly bipartisan consensus, and they will produce substantial and much needed improvements in the nation's energy security.'
-- Securing America's Future Energy, a coalition of business and military leaders working to reduce the dependence on oil that threatens our national and economic security,  12/17/07

'We thank the leadership for recognizing the future of renewable fuels.  This bill creates a solid foundation for grain-derived ethanol to continue to grow.  Our nation's corn growers are committed to producing a supply to meet America's food and fuel needs.'  
-- National Corn Growers Association, 12/13/07