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Pelosi: No Person Has Done More Than Dr. Norman Borlaug to Liberate the World From Hunger

Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi awarded Dr. Norman Borlaug the Congressional Gold Medal this morning in the Capitol Rotunda.  Below are her remarks as prepared:

'It is a distinct privilege to join the President of the United States, House and Senate Leadership, and our esteemed Iowa Congressional delegation to honor Dr. Norman Borlaug today. 

'In 1963, President John F. Kennedy said: 'The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of liberation.' 

'That same year, Dr. Norman Borlaug was giving bread to a hungry world, saving millions of lives in countries such as Mexico, India, and Afghanistan. 

'No person, before or since, has done more to answer the call to help liberate the world from hunger.  As such, Dr. Borlaug is one of the greatest liberators the world has ever known. 

'Seven years after President Kennedy's call to action against hunger, Dr. Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, the only person working in the agricultural field to receive this honor.  Commonly know as the 'Father of the Green Revolution,' Dr. Borlaug's scientific and humanitarian efforts have saved countless people from starvation and hunger while raising living standards throughout the world. 

'In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Dr. Borlaug called on humankind to make reality the ideal of brotherhood between all nations.  He concluded, 'Let our wills say that it shall be so.'

'It was his will, his bold vision, and the solutions of science, by which Dr. Borlaug used the timeless resources of one farmer and one field to feed more people than ever before. 

'And today we are called upon again as a nation and a world, to muster all our will, all our vision, and the answers that science has given us to solve the great challenges before us: hunger and poverty; the real and growing threat of global warming; and the fury of despair felt around the world. 

'As we honor Dr. Borlaug, we also salute those whose love and support made his glorious achievements possible - his family.  We recognize his wife Margaret, who worked alongside him for more than 50 years, until she passed away earlier this year.  The honor and prestige of this award recognizes both of their work between them.   

'We also acknowledge Dr. Borlaug's two children, Jeanie and Billy, his five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 

'Let us honor the leadership of Dr. Borlaug by meeting the challenges before us.'