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Pelosi: 'Today We Lead by Example in Preserving Our Planet for Future Generations'

Washington, D.C. - Speaker Pelosi held a news conference this morning on the completion of the 'Green the Capitol' report.  Below are her opening remarks:

'Good morning. 

'Today is an historic day for the House of Representatives of the United States Congress.  It's historic as we are surrounded by monuments to past leaders, the legacy of our great country with a commitment to the future. 

'Nothing we can say is more eloquent than what these children are saying with their artwork about protecting the environment and greening the Capitol as we do so.  We are joined by these beautiful children who have illustrated what it means to be 'green.'  Our work here today is to green the Capitol on their behalf, on behalf of the future. 

'I am proud that we are joined by our esteemed Committee Chairs, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the subcommittee chair on Appropriations, Congressman Peter Welch, a leader on this issue, the chair of our Science and Technology committee, Bart Gordon, the chair of our select committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, Ed Markey, the Chairman on House Administration Committee, the mayor of Capitol Hill, Bob Brady. 

'I would like to thank the House's Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard for his report on how to green the Capitol.  It is a privilege, Dan, to accept the recommendations in this report today. 

'These are serious proposals that will result in significant change.  Furthermore, I'm particularly proud that this plan would reduce the carbon footprint of the House by reducing energy consumption by 50 percent in the next 10 years. 

'Today we say that the Capitol will be not just a shining symbol of our democracy, but a symbol of our commitment to the future.  Not only by the power of our ideas on energy independence, but by the power of our example, we hope to send a message to the world and to the country.

'We believed we had to get our own House in order before we launched a sweeping global warming and energy independence agenda for the rest of the nation.  Next week we will announce our first steps in that agenda; today we lead by example in preserving our planet for future generations. 

'It is especially gratifying for me today to be able to introduce the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Senator Reid.  He is also joined from the Senate side by the Assistant Leader, Richard Durbin of Illinois.  These two leaders have been champions for the future in every respect, including the one we are gather here today to honor.  With all the respect in the world and in the spirit of cooperation to make this the greenest possible Capitol, I am pleased to yield to the distinguished Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.'