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"Let's just get this done. But let us not give up on the prospect of – even before this expires – of having a long-term, permanent fix to SGR. It makes all the sense in the world. It has no partisanship about it. It is sensible. And it will cost less to do more for our seniors. A challenge is there. The solution is clear. The Republicans have rejected that, so we are at their mercy."
March 27, 2014
“The aim of smart public policy in our country is to advocate for opportunity and freedom and justice – the opportunity to lead healthy lives and the freedom of Americans to make their own choices. Planned Parenthood has stood firm in pursuit of those principles from day one. And no matter what the critics have said, no matter how many times opponents have tried to defund Planned Parenthood, you have not left the battlefield."
March 27, 2014
“Failing to extend unemployment benefits will cost us 200,000 jobs other the next year. We can't do that. A recent report shows that extending UI instead would produce 300,000 jobs. So again, this money is spent immediately, injects demand into the economy, creates jobs, grows the economy, as well as honoring our social compact that we have with the American people."
December 12, 2013
“And perhaps part of his legacy is the sacrifice that he made for our country – the inspiration that was intensified by that sacrifice. And may we always remember it, and may we always remember what he said: ‘The light from that fire shall truly light the world. The glow from that fire can truly light the world.’ May God bless the memory of President John F. Kennedy and his family. May we draw strength from his legacy and vision. May God always bless the country he loved and led, the United States of America, and all who serve it."
November 21, 2013
“Thank you for taking a chance, for coming to Washington to serve Tip at the invitation of Joe Moakley – what legends – and for serving us all with grace, good humor, and dedication throughout your tenure in the House of Representatives. Though you’re leaving us on a day-to-day basis, I hope you will be no stranger to us and hope that you return on many occasions. Thank you, Barry Sullivan."
November 20, 2013
“Today, the Congress will pass legislation to extend our global AIDS investment. Even in these difficult fiscal times, we know that cutting back is a false economy that costs us more in the future. HIV/AIDS is still adapting and so must we. It's a very resourceful virus. It just keeps mutating and finding ways and we have to be as resourceful or more resourceful in our fight against it."
November 19, 2013
“And I hope the message that comes out of this Congress is: there's a discussion going on, but there's a values decision that has been made in favor of the American people – that if we have to thread a needle to get a result, let's do that. But let's not unravel the whole sweater, because that would not be a comfort to the American people. So, let's act to strengthen, not weaken. Let's vote ‘no’ on the Upton bill. Thank you. I yield back the balance of my time.”
November 15, 2013
“That's why on this Upton bill – which as I said not only does bad things to the Affordable Care Act in terms of disrupting the risk pools – it tries to masquerade as something that does something positive, which it does not. And that is why the Upton bill is opposed by a broad coalition of groups: the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society Action Network, the National Partnership for Women and Families, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and anyone with a pre-existing medical condition – 100 million people."
November 15, 2013
"This bill would deny cancer victims the assistance and simple justice they deserve. It would even delay compensation beyond the life of a person suffering from asbestos-related cancers and illnesses. It would invade the privacy of thousands of Americans. And it would pose a particularly detrimental impact on veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who have been disproportionately affected by asbestos."
November 15, 2013
“So, we’ve said ‘yes,’ to your, we’re giving the votes on something we don’t like. We’ve said we won’t do Motions to Instruct, please take ‘yes’ for an answer. If you insist on being the party of ‘no,’ then don’t hide behind something and say ‘they won’t negotiate.’ We cooperated. We gave you what you wanted. And now here we are today. Republicans are offering yet another motion to keep government shut down..."
October 8, 2013