The Gavel

More Threats of a Shutdown from Sen. Cruz

What new ultimatum is the notorious government obstructer Sen. Ted Cruz demanding now? From POLITICO: Sen. Ted Cruz wants to make sure nothing happens during the post-election lame duck. Not government funding, immigration reform or anything else of significant stature. Seizing on… Continue

Getting Ready for Another Republican Government Shutdown

With just a few legislative days left before the next recess, Speaker Boehner and House Republican Leaders are forwarding a CR to keep the government open – the very least they could do for the American people. But GOP Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party Republicans in the House just can’t help themselves…

Cruz Hints at ANOTHER Government Shutdown Showdown

Earlier today at an anti-immigrant press conference alongside extreme far-right Members of the Tea Party, Canadian-born Senator Cruz made a bold, yet dangerous ultimatum to the continuing resolution: attach language terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – hinting, yet again,… Continue

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