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‘An Old Idea That Doesn’t Work’

The American people have waited more than 2,200 days – and endured 63 House GOP votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act – to see the Republican fantasy plan to replace the ACA. And even though Republicans have admitted that they’re never going to actually produce a replacement bill, Speaker Ryan finally teased out the big idea that the GOP spent six years thinking up: “An Old Idea That Doesn’t Work,” according to The Huffington Post.

GOP Just Needs ‘A Little Time’ on ACA Replacement

More than 2,200 days after the President signed the Affordable Care Act – and after 63 House GOP votes to repeal or undermine the law – House Republicans are telling us, yet again, that they just need “a little time” to come up with their fantasy ACA alternative.

So, Paul Ryan has decided not to…

…Pass a budget this year. That budget collapse is not what the Speaker is going to talk about in his latest big speech this afternoon.  But after months of rhetoric and lofty promises, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans are ready to stumble… Continue

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