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No Bill, No Break

Congress cannot hold another moment of silence – and we cannot leave Washington, D.C. – without taking action to prevent the next tragedy.

That’s Some ‘Plan,’ House Republicans

With 63 votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act under their belts, House Republicans have promised for years that they’re *this close* to releasing an ACA replacement. Now, they’re saying the time has finally come…

‘Forfeiting the Game’

Today, Speaker Ryan released the latest plank of House Republicans’ Wrong Way agenda, another hollow effort to shift attention away from Republicans’ unprecedented and corrosive obstruction. But there was one eye-catching section – wherein Speaker Ryan complains about a problem that he has complete control over. Here’s what the document says about the “Power of the Purse” and the appropriations process.

No Fly, No Buy – and No More Silence

While House Republicans respond to another horrific mass shooting with nothing but deafening silence and obstruction, House Democrats will continue to demand common sense action to save lives &honor the victims of gun violence.

Speaker Ryan & House Republicans Had a Disastrous Day

Today was disastrous for Speaker Ryan and House Republicans. At a chaotic press event, the Republicans painfully tried to distract Americans from the GOP internal dysfunction, and their Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s racist attacks on a federal judge with a #WrongWay poverty agenda of repackaged policies that have proven to negatively impact hard-working Americans and increase poverty for many.

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