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Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today

And as you know, one of the biggest differences between the Democrats and the Republicans in the Congress, and certainly in the House, is: show me your values, show me your budget. And the Ryan budget is a budget that, [I] emphasize over and over again, eliminates the guarantee of Medicare. So if there were three issues I would want the American people to be aware of in the Ryan budget, it would be: Medicare, Medicare, and Medicare – that it removes the guarantee. This is a very drastic unraveling of one of the great pillars of economic and health security for America’s seniors and others who benefit from Medicare.

Pelosi Statement on Rewarding Quality, Not Quantity in Medicare Payments

“This bipartisan victory, which Speaker Boehner and I worked together to enact, replaces the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate with the bipartisan Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) Quality Payment Program. With this effort, we are building on the progress of the Affordable Care Act to deliver better care to Medicare beneficiaries while rewarding clinicians for providing value, not volume-based care.”

Pelosi Statement on Passing of Wayne Friday

Today, San Francisco has lost a pioneering fighter for LGBT rights, a beloved journalist, and a dear friend. Time and again, on issue after issue, Wayne Friday was an early voice of vision and conscience urging a way forward for our city and for America.

Pelosi Statement on Hurricane Matthew

“As families in Haiti mourn the loss of life and make plans to rebuild, Americans stand with them and all the people living in the path of Hurricane Matthew. On the East Coast, as Americans are taking shelter and preparing for this deadly storm, we applaud the vigilance and leadership of all levels of government working diligently to protect American families and communities.”

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