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Pelosi Statement on Jewish American Heritage Month

“May is Jewish American Heritage Month, an opportunity to celebrate Jewish Americans’ enduring contributions to our shared American story. By answering a sacred call to repair the world, Jewish Americans have made America more American by being at the forefront of advocacy for equality of opportunity for all, confronting bigotry in all its forms, and embracing the highest ideals of our nation.”

Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today

So this is who’s here on a Friday morning. I guess you’re all worn out from taking your children to work yesterday. Wasn’t that glorious? Isn’t it beautiful to see the future right there before our eyes? It’s my favorite day. I wish every day could be Take Your Children to Work day. It was so great. It was a good day, too, because we had a very strong Democratic vote in support of the fiduciary rule, of Rule 2, protect and strengthen retirement security, and for the confidence of millions of Americans as they invest for their future, for their pensions, for their retirement. I don’t even know why the Republicans would put forth a measure to undo that. It had such broad support in the private sector.

Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference Calling for Urgent Action to Fight Zika Virus

“The issue of public health is a compact that we have among the people of our country and the public sector – to be there to protect, to prevent, to keep our country healthy. As you said, Mr. Leader, two months ago, the President made a full request for Zika funding. Five weeks ago on a Wednesday before we left for Easter break, we called upon the Republicans in the House of Representatives not to leave for that long three week break in the House without having funding for Zika, for Flint, for opioids. Just focusing on Zika right now, what we know is that there are already 900 Americans – more than 80 pregnant women with confirmed cases of Zika in our own country. We’re headed to another week of recess which we should not take unless we act.”

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