Pelosi Floor Speech Against Republicans’ Bill to Sue the President

“And so today, we have on the floor of the House legislation that is a serious matter about suing the President of the United States instead of doing the people’s business, which is what Ms. Slaughter and others have advocated for – whether it’s bringing good paying jobs home, creating jobs by building the infrastructure of America, reducing the cost of higher education for families, investing in our children, raising the minimum wage, passing legislation to have equal pay for equal work – everything that would increase the financial stability of America’s families.”

Pelosi Remarks at Meeting with Rio Grande Valley Officials Today

“We have to deal with it, honoring our values in the most humanitarian way. We have to deal with it, honoring the due process of the children. We have to deal with it in a way that protects our border and again has consideration for how – if these children are returned, that it is done, again, in the best interest of the children – the determination of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference Marking One-Year Anniversary of Senate Passage of Immigration Reform

” One year ago, as you mentioned, one year ago this week the Senate passed a strong, bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform piece of legislation. For one year, we have been waiting, urging, cooperating with the Republicans in the House to bring a bill to the floor. They didn’t want to bring the Senate bill to the floor. We suggested a compromise bill – H.R. 15. Many of the cosponsors are here now. They rejected that. We said: Just do it any way you want, but bring a bill to the floor. Give us a vote.”

Pelosi Remarks at Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Honoring President Shimon Peres

“Shimon Peres planted the seeds of the Jewish state of Israel and helped that garden grow – whether literally in the blooming of the desert, or more significantly in the blossoming of a society and a people. A soldier who became a peacemaker; an immigrant who became an institution; a public servant who became a statesman, a champion of non-violence, a messenger of hope; an idealist who understood pragmatism; a founder of his nation who became, and remains, a visionary for his and all people: Shimon Peres’ story is the story of modern Israel – a saga of daring, dynamism, and wisdom.”

Pelosi Remarks at Press Event Calling for Action to Protect Voting Rights

“These are issues – I said yesterday, in the Rotunda as we were observing and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act – that for some of you here, which clearly is the case as it was there – you weren’t born yet. But for Steny and me it was our youth. When this happened – and it was quite a remarkable thing – it changed America. It made us more American. It was long overdue, and that for us to be celebrating that 50th anniversary – you remember when it all happened, Wade, right? And Nancy Zirkin, you’re younger so maybe not. And when it happened, it was remarkable. It made a big difference.”

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