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Leader Pelosi on GOP Bill to Deny Workers' Rights

Democrats are working to build ladders of opportunity to reignite the American dream by strengthening small businesses and expanding our economy. In contrast, after 11 months in control, Republicans still have no jobs agenda, and instead continue to favor special interests over middle class American families. Today, the House is debating the Republican "Election Prevention Act" (H.R. 3094) which would deny workers their right to a free and fair election to form a union by mandating undue delay in union elections, encouraging frivolous litigation and manipulating the process for deciding who is in a bargaining unit. This is another in the series of Republican attacks on the middle class, which have been soundly rejected by Americans most recently in the Ohio elections, building on the "Outsourcers Bill of Rights" passed in September. These Republican attacks undermine the worker rights that helped to create the American middle class, increase families' paychecks, and strengthen health and retirement security.