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Pelosi Remarks at Presidential Inaugural Luncheon

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks today at a luncheon in the U.S Capitol commemorating the second inauguration of President Barack H. Obama.  Below are the Leader’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

“‘Freedom now stands on the Dome of the Capitol of the United States.  May she stand there forever not only in form, but in spirit.’  Those were the words that were expressed 150 years ago by the Commissioner of Public Buildings as the Statue of Freedom was placed atop the Capitol during the presidency of President Lincoln.  That expression of the spirit of freedom is what we want you to take with you today and it is contained in the portfolio of essays you will receive from Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies – along with a framed depiction of the Capitol as it appeared at the start of the Civil War.

“Today, the Statue of Freedom and that spirit of freedom watches over the Capitol as another President from Illinois takes the oath of office.  Despite the challenges of our time – at home and abroad – we heard in President Obama’s inaugural address a message of hope, a vision of peace, progress, and prosperity, and a promise of freedom for all.

“May God bless you, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and your families.  May God continue to strengthen us all to keep ‘faith in America’s future’ and continue to strengthen us in the spirit of freedom.  May God always bless the United States of America.”