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Pelosi Statement on Black History Month

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in recognition of Black History Month:

“Every February, we honor the great achievements and rich history of the African American community.  We reflect on a journey that wound through slavery and segregation, prejudice and discrimination on the long road to freedom.  And we rededicate ourselves to the fight for justice and opportunity for all Americans.

“As we celebrate this Black History Month, we mark almost 50 years since the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act—an enduring victory for equal rights.  But across the country, voting rights have come under threat, and Congress must act to renew and strengthen the protections of the Voting Rights Act that guards the most fundamental right in our democracy: the right to vote. 

“This month, let us recommit ourselves to the struggle against injustice and inequality, raise new ladders of opportunity, and build an economy that works for everyone.  Let us live up to the promise of our founders, the courage of our predecessors, and the challenge of our present.  With pride in our past, and promise in our future, let us make a better America.”