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Pelosi Statement on Passage of the House Republican Continuing Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the House voted 230 to 189 to pass the Tea Party’s Continuing Resolution:

“The House Republican bill was designed and intended for the sole purpose of shutting down the government.  House Democrats stood firmly against this measure for clear-cut reasons: We refuse to put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ health care.  We refuse to slash the Children’s Health Insurance Program, effectively eliminating a bipartisan initiative that provides health care to low-income children. We refuse to wreak havoc on health care for seniors by disrupting provider payments under Medicare.

“We will not double down on the Republicans’ devastating sequester cuts that will cost Americans at least a million jobs nor we will slash crucial investments in education and biomedical research.  As House Republican Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said himself,  the sequester cuts, included in the Tea Party’s continuing resolution, are ‘ill-conceived’ and ‘must be brought to an end.’  House Democrats hope to stand united in opposition to this deliberate attempt to undermine the economic security of American families and to weaken the middle class.  

“Shutting down the government and paving the way for a government default is a dereliction of our responsibilities, our values, and our duty to protect the prosperity of the American people.  It is time for House Republicans to abandon their dangerous ideological agenda and work with Democrats to find a sensible solution to create jobs, expand the economy, and reduce the deficit in a responsible way.”