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Pelosi Statement on Labor Day

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in recognition of Labor Day, which falls on Monday, September 2nd:

“On Labor Day, we pay tribute to the hardworking men and women whose ingenuity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit are the foundation of America’s strength.

“Both in times of prosperity and hardship, we rely on our workforce to safeguard the economic security of our families, our communities, and our country.  Yet too many Americans still struggle to find solid ground.  That is why House Democrats have dedicated every moment of this Congress to seeking and proposing solutions that protect our workforce, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class—the backbone of our democracy.  Through our ‘Make It In America’ and ‘When Women Succeed, America Succeeds’ agendas, we are committed to reinvigorating our manufacturing base, raising the minimum wage, promoting work and life balance, and unleashing the power of every hardworking American who strives for a better future.

“From highways to factory floors, from conference rooms to classrooms, America’s working men and women are the cornerstone of a vibrant, thriving, and resilient 21st century economy.  In recognizing their invaluable contributions on this Labor Day, we renew our commitment to building a future that ensures a full day’s pay for an honest day’s work, fair treatment in the workplace, equal opportunity and shared prosperity for all Americans.”