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Pelosi Statement in Recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Washington, D.C.—Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which will be observed on Monday, January 20th:

“Fifty years ago, in a voice whose truth and righteousness still rings out across the decades, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. issued a summons to make good on the promissory note of the rights enshrined in our founding documents.  He charged the nation to refuse the prejudice, inequality and injustice of the status quo, and he challenged us to answer ‘the fierce urgency of now.’

“Yet even after a half-century, in many ways we are still working to address the issues that Dr. King laid before us in his time.  Today, we can celebrate new victories against old challenges – starting with the Affordable Care Act taking full effect this month, providing millions of Americans new health security, and the freedom from fear that comes with it.  But we also face new challenges to old victories.  A shortsighted Supreme Court decision weakened critical provisions of the Voting Rights Act, too many working families still struggle to rise out of poverty, and millions of unemployed Americans are reeling from the loss of the emergency unemployment insurance they rely on to support their families as they look for work.

“This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us rise to meet the urgency of our time.  Let us draw fresh inspiration from the life and legacy of that titan of social and economic justice.  And let us rededicate ourselves to realizing the full promise of America.”