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Pelosi on the Passing of Common Cause President Bob Edgar

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the passing of Common Cause President and former Congressman Bob Edgar:

“Today, our country lost one of its most ardent, passionate, and effective voices of a more open and honest democracy.  Whether in the Capitol or at Common Cause, Congressman Bob Edgar dedicated his life to ensuring our government lived up to the values it was formed to protect.

“A proud son of Pennsylvania, Bob spent 12 years in Congress focused on advancing and strengthening the health, security, and prosperity of the American people.  An extraordinary patriot, he secured support for veterans suffering from the sacrifices they made in the Vietnam War.  A man of deep faith, he led the National Council of Churches in its work to combat poverty, foster interfaith understanding, and build international peace.  A dedicated champion of transparency and fairness, he picked up the mantle of reform to protect and preserve a government determined by the votes of the people, not the pocketbooks of the privileged few.

“Congressman Edgar is an extraordinary example of how the strength of one voice can empower millions to call for change.  His memory and legacy will inspire his colleagues and everyone who seeks a more open, just, and perfect union.  We only hope it is a comfort to his wife Merle, his sons, Andrew, David, and Rob, and their families that so many mourn their loss at this sad time.”