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Pelosi Statement on Senate Passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the U.S. Senate voted 64-32 to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The House version of this legislation has 196 bipartisan cosponsors. 

“Today, the Senate acted to once again bend the arc of history toward justice.  The bipartisan vote to pass ENDA reaffirms the true meaning of our nation’s creed: that all are created equal; that discrimination has no place in our workplaces or society; that equal protection is a right afforded to all Americans, not just a privileged few.

“The Senate has done its part to advance the American values of fairness and equality for LGBT Americans; now, the House must follow suit.  Members on both sides of the aisle have signed onto this legislation, yet the House Republican leadership continues to stand in the way of progress.  After spending $2.3 million in taxpayer funds on a losing battle to deny equality to LGBT families in our courts, House Republicans find themselves on the wrong side of history once again.

“Earlier this year, in its decisions on DOMA and Prop 8, the Supreme Court upheld the words etched into its walls: ‘equal justice under law.’  Now, it’s time for House Republicans to join Democrats in that same cause.  It’s time to bring ENDA up for a vote, pass this long overdue bill, and make this measure the law of the land.”