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Transcript of Photo Opportunity with President Giorgio Napolitano of Italy

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi held a photo opportunity today at the top of her meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.  Below is a transcript of the photo opportunity:

Leader Pelosi.  What an appropriate time for us to be able to welcome you here now that the State of the Union address is taken care of.  Again, I thank you for the distinguished ambassador that you’ve sent to the United States.  We’re very proud of our Ambassador, [David Thorne], to Italy.  We know he has a great affection for Italy and he knows how well respected you are in the United States.

So, I’m really personally delighted to greet you and officially feel very privileged to welcome you here – I hope that you will come many times after your presidency is over, so that we can continue conversations and we can benefit from your wisdom.

[President Napolitano speaks]

Leader Pelosi.  Well, I want you to know that the American people view you with great respect and esteem, that we know that the most important opinion is that of the Italian people and they hold you in their hearts with great affection, as a nation, with great admiration, and receive the recognition of your esteem.

[President Napolitano speaks]

[Photo Opportunity concludes]