The Issues

Immigration Reform

Immigration has always been a reinvigoration of our society and economy.  Each wave of immigrants brings their hopes, their aspirations, their faith and work ethic, and their determination to succeed to our shores.

With those uniquely American traits, each newcomer makes America more American.  And it is time for immigration reform that restores confidence in our history and our heritage as a people – by and large, a nation of immigrants.

That is why House Democrats introduced bipartisan, comprehensive legislation that would secure our borders, unite families, protect our workers, offer an earned pathway to citizenship to aspiring Americans, and reduce our nation’s deficit by nearly $1 trillion.

And while immigration reform remains an unsolved challenge for our nation as House Republicans continue to block efforts to bring up immigration reform with their obstructionism and excuses, House Democrats are leading the way towards a comprehensive fix to our country’s broken immigration system.

House Democrats continue to work with President Obama on a bipartisan and comprehensive immigration solution, and we will never stop fighting for the majority of Americans from all corners of our nation – including labor organizations, law enforcement, business and veterans groups, Nobel Laureates, and religious organizations – overwhelmingly calling for its passage.


  • During the 111th Congress, House Democrats passed the DREAM Act by a vote of 216-198 on December 8, 2010.
  • In June 27, 2013, the Senate acted in bipartisan fashion and passed comprehensive immigration reform with a vote of 68-32.
  • In October 2013, House Democrats introduced bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) – H.R. 15, garnering 200 co-sponsors, including 3 Republicans in the 113th Congress;
  • In March 26, 2014, House Democrats filed a “Demand A Vote” petition, forcing Speaker Boehner and House Republicans to bring CIR up for a vote on the House floor.
  • Moved 5 times to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform only to have the efforts blocked and defeated by Republicans.