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Innovation Agenda 2.0


In early 2007, House Democrats put forth an historic and ambitious Innovation Agenda to ensure America’s continued position as the most competitive and innovative nation in the world. There were 22 planks included in the Innovation Agenda unveiled early in the 110th Congress and, of these, 21 have been translated into legislative provisions that have been signed into law. For an overview of the Innovation Agenda 1.0, click here.

Much was accomplished as a result of Democrats’ Innovation Agenda 1.0. Now, House Democrats are crafting an Innovation Agenda 2.0 that builds on the initiatives that were launched nine years ago. It is time to assess where we are now and identify the bold new steps and initiatives that are needed to ensure that America remains #1 in the world in innovation.

Innovation Agenda 1.0
Highlights of the Innovation Agenda 1.0
Analysis of Innovation Agenda 1.0
By the Numbers: Dramatic Progress Under Innovation Agenda 1.0

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