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The Facts about the President's Veto of Labor-HHS Bill: Supports Spending $10 Billion Each Month on War Without End in Iraq, But Vetoes America 's Priorities - Calls Them "Excessive"

Tonight the House will vote on whether to override this cruel veto.

On Tuesday, President Bush vetoed the Labor-Health-Education Appropriations bill - a bipartisan and fiscally responsible bill that addresses the needs and priorities of the American people - calling these investments in domestic initiatives dedicated to helping families 'excessive.'

Below are some examples of key priorities in the Labor-Health-Education Appropriations bill that the President vetoed compared with how many days in Iraq that money would pay for, based on an estimate by the Congressional Research Service that we are spending $330 million in Iraq every day.


  $30 billion - National Institutes of Health: Life Saving Medical Research (3 Months In Iraq)
  $14.8 billion - Title I: Education for the Disadvantaged  (45 Days In Iraq)
  $11.3 billion - IDEA State Grants: Special Education  (34 Days In Iraq)
  $7.0 billion - Head Start: Early Childhood Education  (21 Days In Iraq)
  $3.4 billion - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services for Veterans (10 Days In Iraq)
   $2.4 billion - LIHEAP: Heating Assistance for Low Income Families (1 Week In Iraq)
   $2.2 billion - Community Health Centers (6 \xc2\xbe Days In Iraq)
   $1.5 billion - Job Training & Career Placement Dislocated Workers (4 \xc2\xbd Days In Iraq)
   $1.2 billion - Career & Vocational Education (3 \xc2\xbd Days In Iraq)
   $1.1 billion - 21st Century Learning Centers: After School Programs (3 \xc2\xbd Days In Iraq)
   $228 million - Veterans' Employment Programs (16 \xc2\xbd Hours In Iraq)
   $23.6 million - Homeless Veterans Services (1 \xc2\xbe Hours In Iraq)
   $9.5 million - Programs for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries (41 \xc2\xbd Minutes In Iraq)