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Health Insurance Reform Daily Mythbuster: 'Republican Leadership Has a Plan to Reform Health Care'

Health insurance reform opponents continue to spread myths about the health insurance reform debate and America's Affordable Health Choices Act, including the notion that President Obama and Congressional Democrats are refusing to consider a Republican health care plan.  But despite this near constant complaint, the Republican Leadership has failed to offer a comprehensive health care bill - of any kind - for consideration.
MYTH: As we debate health insurance reform, President Obama and Congressional Democrats are refusing to consider a comprehensive Republican health care reform bill.
FACT: There is no Republican health care reform bill. Neither the Republican leadership of the House nor of the Senate has offered comprehensive health care legislation for consideration--nor has a group of Members coalesced around a comprehensive solution.  In fact, Republicans held the White House and both chambers of Congress for much of the last decade and didn't pursue solutions they claim to support now--including protecting Medicare and ending insurance company practices of dropping coverage or denying care for people who get sick.
“Republican leaders chose not to draft their own comprehensive bill…Aware of the criticisms, House Republican leaders have compiled lists of bills and principles that various colleagues have offered this year. But even the whole list combined doesn't match the breadth and detail of the massive Democratic-crafted health care bills that have moved through five congressional committees and may soon reach the House and Senate floors in some form.” [Associated Press, 10/2/09]
Republicans are noticing:

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana), whom the Republican Party picked to give the Republican response to President Obama's first joint address to Congress in February, acknowledges Republicans haven't offered up any real ideas: “I think now is the perfect time to pivot and to say, not only here's what we're against, and not only here's how we're going to contrast ourselves, but here's what we're for.” [Politico, 9/30/09]

Steve Schmidt, Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign manager, described the Republican Party as “holistically…bereft of ideas” on health care. [Huffington Post, 10/2/09]

The American people want health insurance reform, not political games.