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Republicans Split on Recovery Plan - Those in Washington Oppose, Many on Front Lines Support

Despite the worsening economic crisis, the Republican leadership in Congress has chosen to ignore the needs of America's families, workers and small businesses and oppose economic recovery legislation designed to save or create 3 to 4 million jobs and help speed relief and reinvestment.

In a new CNN poll, 60 percent of Americans say Republicans in Congress are not cooperating enough on the economic recovery legislation.  This poll finding makes sense given the words and deeds of the Republican Leadership.

“What . . . will give us a shot in the arm going forward is…just saying no.”
- House Republican Whip Eric Cantor [Washington Post, 2/9/09]

But not all Republicans agree with the GOP leadership's approach.  

Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.)
“I'm always concerned when the Republican Party takes a negative position on something that should be moving forward.” [Washington Post, 2/9/09]

Gov. Charlie Crist (R-Fla.), who is appearing today with President Obama to sell the plan
“This is a time when our country needs all of us to pull together. We've all heard before that we came here on different ships perhaps, but we're all in the same boat now on this thing … It's about jobs, jobs, jobs for Americans and Floridians.” [NPR, 2/10/09]

Gov. Jim Douglas (R-Vt.), who joined Speaker Pelosi on a teleconference to sell the plan

“[I]t is important for our states' economies and our states' fiscal health that we get a recovery package as quickly as possible…We have to get America moving again.” [Politico, 2/3/09]

Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer
“They're [Republican leadership] talking too much about opposing. They're talking too much about voting 'no' and not about how they're going to solve these issues.” [Washington Post, 2/9/09]

Experts Agree - Republican Leadership Just Standing in the Way

Norm Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute
“Ultimately, it's going to come down to a vote on whether you want quick movement to get the economy out of the ditch before the ditch itself collapses and you're in the abyss. Or whether you're going to be obstructionist.” [Denver Post, 2/9/09]

William Galston, Brookings Institution
“There is nothing in [the Congressional Republican] strategy that leads to the creation of an alternative agenda.” [Denver Post, 2/9/09]