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Democratic Accomplishments

The 110th Congress is making progress for the American people on the toughest challenges we face--working together to defend our country, restore accountability, grow our economy, strengthen our families, and preserve our planet.

Since January, more than 50 key measures have passed the House, 72 percent with significant bipartisan support.  In critical instances, the President and his Republican allies in  Congress have stubbornly stood in the way of progress with more than 30 veto threats, obstruction and delay.

The New Direction Congress is working to change course in Iraq. This war, now into its fifth year, has not made America safer, even as our troops have bravely performed their duties. This Congress continues to demand that President Bush and the Administration be held accountable, that the Iraqi government take responsibility for its own country, and that we responsibly bring this war to an end.

The New Direction Congress is protecting America--acting to finally make the work of the independent 9/11 Commission the law of the land.  We are rebuilding our military readiness and requiring that we re-engage our diplomatic allies.  We are honoring our troops and veterans with pay, services, and care they deserve.  We are declaring our energy independence and working to reverse global warming. 

The New Direction Congress is providing the keys to the American dream--investing in American ingenuity and innovation.  We are working to bring quality health care to every American child, and every child to school ready to learn.  We are making America's rural heartland a key to America's future economic and energy security.  We have changed the way we do business in Washington by restoring fiscal responsibility, government transparency, and the highest ethical standards to Congress.

These are the first of many steps in a New Direction for a stronger and more secure America.


  • require benchmarks and progress report requirements for the war in Iraq--SIGNED INTO LAW 
  • support timetables to bring our troops home from Iraq--VETOED BY THE PRESIDENT OVER THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE
  • provide critical support for veterans, military health care and military readiness--SIGNED INTO LAW
  • provide the largest increase in support for veterans' services in history--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • require quality care for our wounded warriors--PASSED THE HOUSE
    i finally implement 9-11 Commission recommendations, three years later--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • provide 3,000 new border patrol agents and tougher aviation and port security--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • provide emergency wildfire funding--SIGNED INTO LAW


  • restore pay-as-you-go budget discipline for the first time in six years--DONE 
  • pass a budget that balances by 2012 with no tax increase--DONE
  • impose rules for the highest ethical standards in Congressional history--DONE
  • pass the most sweeping lobby reform effort in a generation--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • restore strong Congressional oversight, saving billions, exposing corruption and incompetence--ONGOING
  • clean up government contracting with reforms to end waste, fraud, and abuse--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • provide more protections for whistleblowers who save tax dollars--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • bring overdue assistance to Gulf Coast communities--SIGNED INTO LAW
  • remove politics from influencing the appointment of U.S. Attorneys in the wake of White House scandal--SIGNED INTO LAW


  • increase the minimum wage for the first time in a decade--SIGNED INTO LAW
  • send overdue disaster aid to American farmers and ranchers--SIGNED INTO LAW
  • create innovation scholarships for 100,000 math and science students and 25,000 highly trained math and science teachers--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • double basic research and development funding--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • create incentives for small business innovation investments--PASSED THE HOUSE


  • provide emergency assistance to ensure children receive quality health care through SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Plan)--SIGNED INTO LAW
  • require Medicare to negotiate cheaper prescription drugs--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • prevent health care discrimination based on inherited conditions--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • expand medical science through stem cell research--VETOED BY THE PRESIDENT OVER THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE
  • cut student loan interest rates in half and crack down on lending abuses--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • improve and expand Head Start preschool--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • convene the National Summit on America's Children--aligning policies with cutting-edge science--DONE
  • put 50,000 new police officers on the street--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • facilitate states in reporting criminal and mental health data for gun purchase background checks--PASSED THE HOUSE


  • by July 4th, deliver a wide-ranging Energy Independence Day initiative to strengthen our national security, create new American jobs, and reduce global warming--REPORTED TO HOUSE
  • repeal $14 billion in taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil to be reinvested into clean alternative energy and energy efficiency--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • fight gas price gouging and OPEC price fixing--PASSED THE HOUSE AND SENATE
  • direct $3 billion to curb global warming and spur renewable energy--PASSED THE HOUSE
  • develop a plan to Green the Capitol, reducing the carbon footprint 50%--DONE
  • expand our efforts to ensure safe drinking water--PASSED THE HOUSE

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