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GOP's Irresponsible Spending Bill Threatens Jobs and America's Future

Tonight, Republicans introduced an irresponsible and dangerous spending bill that cuts jobs, threatens American innovation, and diminishes investments in rebuilding America.

Democrats are committed to living within our means, while investing in the future and cutting the deficit. 

Irresponsible Impact of the Republican Spending Bill:

Education - Ensuring that the next generation of students is prepared to become the educated workforce of tomorrow

  • More than 200,000 children kicked out of Head Start and thousands of teachers would lose their jobs
  • $800 reduction per student in the maximum Pell Grant award

Innovation - America's competitiveness depends on our ability to innovate and keep America number one

  • 20,000 fewer researchers supported at the National Science Foundation
  • $1.4 billion reduction in science and energy research to spur clean energy economy of the future
  • $2.5 billion in cuts to the National Institutes of Health, representing a significant setback in cancer and other disease research.

Rebuilding America - key investment in roads, schools, bridges that are critical for businesses to grow and that create good-paying American jobs

  • Rescinds $2.5 billion for high-speed rail projects already awarded
  • Loss of 25,000 new construction jobs and the cancellation of 76 projects in 40 states
  • $234 million in cuts to improve our nation's air traffic control system

Public Safety - keeping American families safe

  • 1,330 fewer cops on the beat by eliminating the COPS hiring program
  • 2,400 fewer firefighters on the job protecting their communities by eliminating funding for SAFER grants

Democrats will continue to measure every effort by whether it creates jobs, strengthens the middle class, and reduces the deficit.