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Making America Safer, Restoring the American Dream, and Restoring Accountability

One year ago, the American people demanded a New Direction. Six years of indifference and inaction had left the American people wondering who would take their side.

The 110th Congress brought new faces and new energy. In January, the first woman Speaker of the House in American history gaveled open the Congress with a pledge to make its work about America's children. Passage of the Six for '06 agenda, within the first 100 hours and with broad bipartisan support, signaled change and a new focus on American priorities.

Despite the obstacles thrown up by the President's veto and his allies in Congress who sustained it, much progress was made in the first year of the New Make America Safer...Restore the American Dream...and Restore Accountability and fiscal responsibility to Washington.

A New Direction For National Security>>

A New Direction For Economic Security>>

A New Direction For Energy Security>>

A New Direction For Children's Health>>


red check mark 9/11 Commission Recommendations to Protect America from Terrorism
red check mark Largest Veterans' Health Care Funding Increase in History
red check mark Energy Security and Reducing Global Warming
Grey check mark Holding the Administration Accountable For the War in Iraq


red check mark Largest College Aid Expansion Since the GI Bill in 1944
red check mark First Increase in the Minimum Wage in a Decade
red check mark Innovation Agenda Promoting 21st Century Jobs in a Global Economy
red check mark Aid to the Gulf Coast Recovering from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
red check mark A Tax Cut for 19 Million Middle Income Americans Facing the AMT
Grey check mark Health Care for 10 Million Children


red check mark Widely-acclaimed Landmark Lobby and Ethics Reform
red check mark Pay-as-you-go Budget Discipline - No New Deficit Spending (Rule Adopted)

red check mark Signed Into Law Grey check mark Passed House & Senate


We are working to improve our Economic Security--to help Americans struggling with a housing crisis, credit card and college debt, rising energy and health care costs, paychecks stuck in neutral, and concerns about the safety of our food, toys, medicine and other products.

We are working to strengthen our National Security--rebuilding our military, supporting our troops, military families and veterans, and refocusing the fight on terrorism.

We will build on our Energy Security legislation--taking bold action to reduce global warming, lower energy costs, and create American jobs.