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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

San Francisco Chronicle (California) - Stimulus funds for health centers, job training
More than $109 million in grants will be doled out to health centers for low-income people in California and $10 million more will be devoted to training poor and at-risk youth for green-energy jobs as part of the latest round of federal stimulus funding announced Monday.

The funds, provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed in February by President Obama, offered a bright spot at a time of mostly bad news about a poor economy and deep state budget cuts.

The health grants, which will be available to about 500 community clinics statewide, are designed to help the centers buy equipment, improve clinic facilities, and adopt or expand the use of health information technology and electronic health records. [Read More]

Orlando Sentinel (Florida) - Stimulus-funded summer jobs give teens a boost, possible start on career
It took 18-year-old Rayshun Wynn a year to find a convenience-store job. Since graduating from Edgewater High School this month, he has applied for work in hotels, hospitals and rehab centers -- all without luck.

That changed when Wynn started a summer data-entry job with the city of Winter Park as one of 1,200 teens and young adults being paid with $4.1 million in federal economic-stimulus funds.

About 1,100 Central Florida teens started work last week in six-week summer internships at government agencies and nonprofit organizations through Workforce Central Florida. Another 100 young adults have 28-week internships with private businesses.

The interns are spread among 235 employers in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Sumter counties. Nationwide, $1.2 billion in stimulus money is being spent on an estimated 125,000 jobs for teens and young adults. [Read More]

Saint Paul Legal Ledger (Minnesota) - $2.1 million in CDBG dollars for programs in St. Paul
A $2.1 million community development block grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will pay for summer youth employment, resident home improvements and a library expansion in St. Paul.

The grant will create as many as 500 temporary and permanent jobs and help strengthen neighborhoods and support residents, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said in a statement. [Read More]

Daily Breeze (California) - Gardena receives federal funds for hybrid buses
Gardena is one of 12 California cities selected to receive federal transportation funds under the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, officials announced Friday.

The city will get nearly $3.6 million to purchase six replacement buses that have hybrid gasoline-electric engines for its municipal bus line.

Long Beach, Oakland and Lodi were among other recipients of the grant.

This additional funding makes California the leader in such federal transportation funding, with the state having taken over $1.5 billion. [Read More]

Baltimore Sun (Maryland) - Md. gets pat on back for stimulus spending
Environmental groups and smart growth advocates Monday applauded Maryland's use of almost $225 million in federal stimulus funds, saying the state's decision to concentrate spending on highway maintenance projects is a wise use of resources and an effective way to create jobs.

Maryland was one of 10 states and the District of Columbia that elected to spend 100 percent of the money they put toward road projects on preserving existing infrastructure rather than adding new capacity, according to a report issued by Smart Growth America.
Shortly after President Obama won passage of his landmark economic stimulus bill in February, Maryland became the first state to break ground on a project financed by the bill - a road maintenance job in Montgomery County. [Read More]

WFTS-ABC (Florida) - Stimulus money at work in Tampa
A $34 million dollar expansion project is underway at Tampa International Airport. $8 million dollars of the project was funded by the stimulus package signed into law by President Obama earlier this year.

Lisa Perroitti is benefiting from the project. Perroitti was laid off by Hubbard Construction in December from her job as a field office secretary. She couldn't find another job and had to move in with her sister to survive. She got a call two weeks ago and Monday was back at work, thanks to the stimulus project.

'It's gonna help a lot. My family's been helping me keep my head above water. It's going to be a matter of being able to pay my own bills. And pay back the people that were able to help me,' said Perroitti.

Antoine Gollé is the project manager. He says Perroitti should be one of at least a hundred people hired to get this job done.

Airport officials credit Congresswoman Kathy Castor with helping them secure the stimulus money. [Read More]

The Oklahoman (Oklahoma) - 17 Oklahoma health centers to share funding
The capital grants are the third installment of stimulus bill funding for community health centers. Oklahoma will get $7.8 million. An earlier grant to Oklahoma was aimed at expanding the number of clinics, which provide health care for people who might not otherwise receive it. Patients are charged based on their ability to pay. [Read More]

The Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) - Utah health clinics get a share of federal recovery money
Eleven community health centers in Utah received more than $6 million in federal grant money Monday from the Recovery Act Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Nationally, CIP grants will support construction work and technological upgrades at more than 2,000 community health centers. The money is intended to improve facilities, said Alan Pruhs, associate director of the Association for Utah Community Health. Any added patient capacity will be a bonus. [Read More]

Asheville Citizen-Times (North Carolina) - Health centers win stimulus funds
Community health centers in North Carolina will receive $20 million in federal stimulus funds, U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan has announced.

The recovery money pays for construction, renovation and updating of information-technology systems and other equipment. Hagan's office said it would help centers shift to electronic medical records that will lower health-care costs.

Among the 27 health centers funded are two in Western North Carolina. WNC Community Health Services in Asheville will receive $392,800 and Blue Ridge Community Health Services in Hendersonville will get $738,250. [Read More]

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