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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Today, President Obama and Vice President Biden announced an Administration-wide effort - the Road to Recovery - to accelerate the implementation of the Recovery Act to help create or save 600,000 jobs during the next 100 days. The Administration has also launched a new website that allows taxpayers to track the progress on the Road to Recovery in their communities, and to hear directly from those whose lives are being influenced by the Recovery Act. - Stimulus funds will bring summer jobs for disadvantaged

These economically disadvantaged young people will participate in summer-employment programs funded under the federal stimulus plan. The programs aim to get them ready for employment through training and job experience.

Every county in New Jersey is participating, with $20.8 million in economic-stimulus money divided among them. Camden County's grant is $1.4 million, while Burlington County's is $199,000 and Gloucester County's is $295,000. … The stimulus money funds each participant's salary through the county. [6/8/09]

KARE Channel 11 (Minnesota) - Pelosi visits Minneapolis job center

Invited by Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-California, walked through the door to tout the Federal Stimulus Program. 'It was about jobs. It was about doing it in a way that reached out to some people who may have had obstacles to job opportunity before,' the Speaker said.

The OIC [American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center] received $107,000 in federal money as part of the plan congress passed toward 'recovery and reinvestment' in the current economy. The OIC will be able to employ 43 young adults (16-24) in paid summer apprenticeships over the next 10 weeks. [6/8/09]

Erie Times (Pennsylvania) - Stimulus fuels area road, bridge work

About $54 million in stimulus money is being pumped into roads, bridges and other transportation-improvement projects in Erie, Crawford, Venango, Warren, Mercer and Forest counties, said Bill Petit, region district executive for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. … That dollar figure includes $22.3 million for Erie County projects and $8.8 million for Crawford County projects.

…U.S. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, of Erie, D-3rd Dist., said in a statement that 'targeted investment in a 21st century transportation network is critical to rebuilding the region's economy.'' [6/7/09]

Lake Sun Leader (Missouri) - Stimulus grant will help Osage Beach construct sidewalks

About $260,000 of federal stimulus funding will help the city of Osage Beach construct sidewalks along a portion of Highway 54. … City Engineer Nick Edelman said the Missouri Department of Transportation had selected Osage Beach as one of four cities to receive federal stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Re-Investment Act. … The city will receive the funding to help aid construction costs. Edelman said at the present time, the estimated total cost of the project will be around $400,000. [6/8/09]

KTNV Channel 13 (Nevada) - Additional $25 Million in unemployment funding for Nevada

Nevada Senator Harry Reid and Representatives Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus…announced more than $25 million in additional unemployment insurance funds acquired through the economic recovery package. The money is now approved for release by the Department of Labor. [6/5/09]

WHNT Channel 19 (Tennessee) - Enrollment up 10 percent at Tenn. technical education centers as workers learn new skills

Increasing layoffs and disappearing jobs have led thousands of residents to Tennessee's 27 trade and technical schools to learn new skills in everything from truck driving to medical billing. … Enrollment in these centers is up nearly 10 percent over last year, and federal stimulus money is expected to add or expand 100 programs across the state, opening up spots for about 4,000 new students. [6/8/09]