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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Arizona) - Broadband Hubs To Be Created In County

[MEMBER MENTIONED: Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1)]

A $39.2 million federal grant will help bring broadband access to areas of Navajo County that are currently not served or underserved.

According to Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, the grant will be used to construct 316 towers across the state, including in Navajo County, to provide the service. Transmission towers are being used in place of expensive underground fiber optic cables.

Funding for the project is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

…the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) notes that it will “enable broadband connectivity to as many as 280 anchor institutions, including 15 public safety entities, 82 K-12 public schools, 115 libraries, 14 community colleges, three additional institutes of higher education, 26 healthcare providers, and 26 state and local government facilities.”

The project is also expected to create about 215 jobs and be completed within two years. [9/24/10]

KSBY NBC-6 (California) - Lucia Mar School district awarded $7.2 million grant

[MEMBER MENTIONED: Lois Capps (CA-23)]

The Lucia Mar School District got a hefty check Thursday from the United States Department of Education.

Representative Lois Capps announced that the school district has been awarded a $7.2 million Teacher Incentive Fund grant. The grant aims to help with the resources needed to attract the best teachers around.

The Teacher Incentive Fund is funded by the Recovery Act. The Recovery Act has saved nearly 45,000 education jobs in California.

'Our community is blessed to have so many wonderfully inspiring teachers dedicated to teaching our children and preparing them for the future,' said Rep. Capps. [9/23/10]

Skokie Review (Illinois) - Schakowsky pleased housing for seniors moving ahead

[MEMBER MENTIONED: Jan Schakowsky (IL-9)]

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-9th, has commended the inclusion of The Pomeroy, a senior public housing development in her congressional district, in a new White House Report: '100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America.'

The development, located in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, received $18.3 million in Recovery Act funding to rehabilitate and reopen the 87-year old building that was shuttered in 2006 due to aging mechanical systems and prohibitively expensive ongoing repairs.

'Not only will The Pomeroy continue to offer much needed affordable housing for seniors, the building's rehabilitation will create local jobs in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way…Critically, we'll get valuable bang for our Recovery Act bucks because this investment will help launch us out of recession and lay the groundwork for a local green jobs sector and clean energy economy,' [said Congresswoman Schakowsky].

Seventy-three workers will help with interior demolition, and 32 workers will help with various pre-development activities. [9/23/10]

TIME Magazine - Striving to Save Jobs in San Francisco

[DISTRICTS MENTIONED: Nancy Pelosi (CA-8) and Jackie Speier (CA-12)]

Since last year, 145 employees have latched onto the Internet Archive through a San Francisco program called Jobs Now. Tapping into funding from the Obama Administration's $787 billion stimulus package, 36 states plus the District of Columbia have unveiled similar initiatives, enabling local organizations to hire 250,000 people with federal funds.

Amid a punishing recession, these jobs have provided a lifeline to more than 4,000 San Franciscans and a jolt to the city's economy, shaving its unemployment rate and slashing welfare rolls 20%. 'It's making a profound difference,' says San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

'By every measure, this is one of the areas of the stimulus that's working,' says Newsom… [9/24/10]

Providence Business News (Rhode Island) - Local Recovery Act stimulus projects recognized by White House

[DISTRICTS MENTIONED: Patrick Kennedy (RI-1) and Barney Frank (MA-4)]

Two local stimulus projects were recently recognized by the White House in its new report “100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America,” released Sept. 17.

In Cumberland, a small, cash-strapped family-owned business got a helping hand from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

In New Bedford, $30 million in Recovery Act funds for the clean-up of the New Bedford harbor have created 80 jobs. [9/22/10]

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